What Are Those Small Bumps On Your Penis?

Every man’s penis has its own contours from its length, girth and general overall appearance. If you’re like many other guys out there you’ve noticed small bumps on your penis at one time or another, mainly being concentrated just below the head of the penis.

While abnormalities on the penis or any other part of the body are generally a sign that something is amiss, this problem in and of itself isn’t necessarily one that you should be too concerned about, but certainly you have questions. So what exactly are those bumps on your penis?

Hirsuties Coronae Glandis

This is the scientific name for all of those tiny bumps on your penis, otherwise known as pearly penile papules which mainly are found just below the glans, or head of the penis. These bumps are unique in that they aren’t an indication of any type of disease, STD or otherwise. They are just little protrusions or bumps which arise on the penis, and we are uncertain of their purpose.

If you have experienced or are currently experiencing this condition you are far from being alone as upwards of 40% of men under the age of 25 developed these little lumps to one extent or another. The good news here also is that these bumps have shown to regress on their own, becoming less noticeable as time progresses.

man grabbing his penis through his underwearThese lumps are more common in men with an uncircumcised penis, however this condition is not exclusive to those who are uncircumcised. Studies have shown that men who are uncircumcised have a 44% chance of having these lumps compared to 25% of uncircumcised men.

How Do I Know That These Papules Are Harmless?

While these lumps are not something to worry about, they certainly look very similar to a relatively common sexually transmitted disease, genital warts. The easiest way to tell the difference between these lumps and genital warts is their size, penile papules being significantly smaller than genital warts.

Another way to tell the difference is that pearly penile papules do no not change in size, nor do they stay in one spot like a genital wart does. They also do not result in pain as in the case of genital warts, so if you’re experiencing lumps which are painful and are increasing in size, you should take a trip to the doctor to get checked out.

Something else to keep in mind here as well is that unlike STDs penile papules are not sexually transmissible, so men who have this condition do not have to worry about infecting their partner. These bumps are also something that someone has throughout most of their adult life, and do not randomly pop up as in the case of warts.

Should Pearly Penile Papules Be Removed?

Men who have this condition are understandably concerned about it, especially when it comes to their risk of contracting STDs, as well as putting their partner at risk. This in turn causes many men who have this condition to look to have them removed, as they aren’t exactly attractive.

man in business attire holding his crotch

If you fall into the category of men who want to have their pearly penile papules removed you’re in luck, as procedures to do so exist. With that being said while it is possible to remove them, there doesn’t seem like there is any pressing health reason as to why a man would do so.

The health community in general has deemed these papules as safe, and that there is no real medical reason as to why the procedure should be done. The better approach here would be to just ignore the papules altogether, as they have shown to have no negative impact on our health. These little lumps are completely normal, and are nothing to be concerned about.

What Are Those Small Bumps On Your Penis?

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