How fun would it be to have a bionic penis? Imagine living with the ability to make your penis erect and flaccid with the flick of a switch. Imagine never having to worry about climaxing too soon or having erectile dysfunction problems. That’s just the kind of life one man now has, but the journey to having a bionic penis isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Mohammed Abad, 43, is the owner of the world’s first bionic penis. He has a bionic penis fitted in 2012 which is designed to inflate with an embedded switch in his testicles. Fluids from his stomach is routed to fill the synthetic corpora cavernosa and make his penis erect. According to Mohammed, his bionic can stay up for DAYS at a time.

Mohammed suffered a life-threatening accident when he was 6. He was pushed onto incoming traffic during a snowball fight, and was dragged for almost 600 yards, which severed his penis and a testicle. His injuries were so severe that doctors only gave him 12 hours to live after the accident. Fortunately, Mohammed was able to survive the ordeal and went on to live a healthy life, but at the time, the technology was not available to fix his severed penis. Mohammed was unable to live life like a regular boy. According to him, he never associates himself with the opposite sex, particularly because he knows where it would end, granting that it goes the distance. Prior to his landmark surgery in 2012, Mohammed had been in an arranged marriage, but he kept his condition as a secret until their wedding night. The marriage failed, and in just three years, their marriage had already ended.

It appeared that Mohammed had zero chance of having a normal sex life until he received a letter from a research hospital inviting him to test the landmark surgery. The doctors installed a bionic penis which is roughly 8 inches long, and can stay erect for as long as Mohammed wants it to. His functional penis was fashioned from a skin graph from his arm, and inside of it are tubes that function as the corpora cavernosa of the penis which makes it erect on demand.

Erectile dysfunction surgery?

Mohammed’s bionic penis surgery was a landmark surgery not only for the surgical field, but also for men who experience erectile dysfunction. While Mohammed’s surgery was extreme due to the circumstances, some think that the same concept can be used to alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The drugs available today that combat erectile dysfunction have their own limitations, and to some extent, the drugs are insufficient to provide the sexual experience that men are looking for.

Erectile dysfunction is a symptom that affects all men. Every man would experience one form of erectile dysfunction in their lifetime, and by having a drastic surgical function might just be the last resort to have an erection on demand for men who experience erectile dysfunction. In the near future, those men who can fork the cash may have the option to have a surgically-installed tubes that inflate the corpora cavernosa to simulate an erection.


The bionic penis surgery tells us that there may come a time when men would opt to have surgery to have a bionic penis installed much like how hearing aids are installed in older men and women. There would certainly be a demand for the surgery as no man is immune from the effects of erectile dysfunction. However, it’s important to understand that erectile dysfunction is not just an acute symptom that happens to pop up overnight; it’s a long-term string of factors that stem from a man’s choice of lifestyle, to his age and even diet. Sexual health experts explain that erectile dysfunction may still be prevented, provided that you have the right nutrition to combat the factors that affect erectile dysfunction.

Natural male enhancement supplements provide men with the advantage of preventing erectile dysfunction while reversing the effects of the factors that affect erectile dysfunction. While having a bionic penis might sound nice because you can have an erection on-demand, it does not improve a person’s libido, which causes about 50-60% of all erectile dysfunction cases. Natural male enhancement supplements affect multiple factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction, and having a truly effective supplement would give you the edge you need to nip erectile dysfunction from the bud.

The Progentra difference

Progentra contains all the nutrients you need to combat sexual health problems through natural supplementation. Progentra is the first male enhancement supplement that proved beyond doubt that penis enlargement is possible through supplementation. With Progentra, you would not just prevent erectile dysfunction, you can improve your sexual health to a point that you would no longer need supplementation.

As the leading penis enlargement pill on the market, having inches added to your penis definitely would be a plus to many. Unlike Mohammed who had been gifted with a fairly large functional penis through surgery, many are born with average to small-sized penises. With Progentra, you can improve your sexual confidence by knowing that your body would not fail you at the most crucial of opportunities, and with the combined penis enlargement effect from Progentra, you know that you have the hardware that most women are looking for.


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Would you want to have a BIONIC penis?

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