Venous Leakage and Your Sexual Performance-What You Need to Know

As many of us are well aware of, erectile dysfunction is a major concern among men. It is a very common form of sexual dysfunction that many men experience, however it is one that is can be difficult to remedy.

This is because there are many potential causes to erectile dysfunction, including both psychological and physiological reasons to why it is occurring. One of these causes is something referred to as venous leakage, and those of us who are a little bit older are more at risk.

A venous leakage is a condition where the blood and its contents leak out of the blood vessels, usually the result of damage from age. What basically happens here is that the blood is rushing to the penis at a very high rate of speed, and because of all of this force due to the pressure, some of the blood leaks in to the surrounding tissue.

This is a problem for men because this not only makes for a smaller erection, but one that isn’t going to last as long either. The longer you hold your erection when you have venous leakage, the more blood that gets leaked in to the surrounding tissue. Basically, as time progresses so does this condition, making it one we don’t want to ignore.

This leakage of blood is believed to be caused by the smooth muscle which surrounds the shaft of the penis. When this smooth muscle does not relax completely it is believed that the blood is able to seep through the cracks so to speak. This condition is also believed to be closely related to diabetes, as it has similar effects.

How Do You Know If You Have Venous Leakage?

Unlike other forms of erectile dysfunction, venous leakage may be harder to detect. This is because it is something that happens gradually over time, and isn’t immediately identifiable like in other forms of erectile dysfunction.

Venous Leakage and Your Sexual Performance-What You Need to Know

The best way to test for venous leakage is to do so during an erection. The best way to do so is to have a doctor administer a test, even though this can be very embarrassing. This test will definitively tell you if your problem is associated with venous leakage, and then you can take the proper steps to remedy the issue.

The reason why you want to do this under the care of a doctor is because of the accuracy of the venous leakage test. In this test the doctor will look at how long you can hold an erection, which is usually done through the use of saline injections. If the erection can’t be maintained by a small amount of this solution, then a leak is likely.

In some cases further Venous Leakage testing must be done like an cavernosography. This involves the injection of dye in to the blood stream, which can better help to show exactly where these leaks are coming from.

If you go for one of these tests, the doctor will instruct you that you must be completely relaxed in order to gain a full erection. This is so that you can avoid a false positive result, as there tends to be venous leakage in to neighboring tissues when the penis isn’t fully erect.

Can This Problem Potentially Mean Surgery?

Unfortunately yes, this is one condition related to erectile dysfunction that can put you under the knife. Again it is very important to get an accurate assessment of how bad the leakage is before any further steps are taken, making cavernosography essential.

Venous Leakage and Your Sexual Performance-What You Need to Know

Another thing to keep in mind here is that although there is some success in the short term for patients who undergo this type of surgery, the long term prospects are not good. In fact the majority of men who get this procedure done end up having continued problems down the line, making other alternatives look like better options.

A more simpler solution to Venous Leakage would be to perform exercises on the penis and to take enhancement supplements which are going to improve blood flow before you think about surgery. Penile implants are other options as well, as they will definitely assist you in gaining and maintaining erections.

Remember that erections are all about proper blood flow to the penis, and your body’s ability to keep that blood in the penis. Nutrition is a huge aspect behind your ability to get an erection, so make sure that you are providing your body with all that it needs. A supplement may be necessary to provide your body with these essential nutrients.

Venous Leakage and Your Sexual Performance-What You Need to Know

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