Do Vacuum Penis Pumps Work? What Options Are out There?

Your average penis pumps are sold all over the place, and can be commonly found at pretty much any sex shop you visit. While many of these devices may look the same there is plenty of variety out there, and in turn some work better than others.

If you aren’t familiar with these device or their purpose, they are externally used pumps with a band or ring on it to help a man get an erection. These devices were originally designed for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, however it is also popular among men who don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction.

These devices can allow a man to achieve a bigger and harder erection, hence it being popular among most men. The device works by creating a vacuum seal around the base of the penis(hence its name) via the cylinder and attached pump which causes this vacuum.

The device is able to keep the penis erect, and the ring or band used to create the vacuum can remain on the penis afterwards. Doing so makes this ring act like your typical cock ring, holding the blood in the penis and making the erection last longer.

 How Do These Devices WorkHow Effective Are Penis Pumps?

In most cases these devices are extremely easy to use, however we’re sure that there are some unnecessarily complicated devices out there which you should avoid.

To use your average penis pump, first you have to place the pump over your penis, to where the plastic or rubber ring at the bottom is flush up against your skin. This device can be hand operated, or you can get a more expensive model that runs on batteries.

Do Vacuum Penis Pumps Work? What Options Are out There?

After doing so, you then pump the air out of the cylinder, to where a vacuum is created. The vacuum sucks the blood in to the shaft of your penis, causing it to expand and become more erect.

After you are fully erect, you should carefully remove the device and then slide the ring down to the base of the shaft, preferably with lubricant. Doing so will help to keep the blood in the penis after you remove the pump itself, which is done to maintain the erection.

Keeping the band on here is key to maintaining the erection, which believe it or not many men forget to do. Another thing to remember here is that the ring is restricting blood flow, so you only want to wear it for 20-30 minutes maximum. Doing so for longer can potentially do permanent damage to yourself, so be aware of how long the ring is on.

If you are going to buy one of these devices on your own without a prescription like many people out there,  make sure you are buying one with a safety release. This can be the difference between a just a bad experience and a trip to the hospital, so make sure you know how the release works beforehand also.

As far as how effective these devices are, well the general consensus is that they work very well. Most men are satisfied by the results they get from using these devices, and they can be very effective in the fight against erectile dysfunction.

What Types of People Do Penis Pumps Work Best For?

As mentioned prior penis pumps are marketed towards men with erectile dysfunction. With that being said there are many different causes when it comes to erectile dysfunction, such as poor blood flow, diabetes, cancers, or psychologically based reasons as to why this is.

Do Vacuum Penis Pumps Work? What Options Are out There?

Vacuum devices can help people that fall in to any of the above categories, however with that being said there are some people who should avoid using these devices.

While generally considered safe, these devices can cause problems for people with bleeding disorders, or those prone to longer lasting erections. If you have priapism or an issue related to blood clotting you shouldn’t use these devices.

Most people can generally use these devices with no problem, however some men who are obese report issues doing so. This revolves around the problem of them being unable to get a good, tight seal against the skin which means no vacuum.

On the other hand if you are someone who has just had prostate surgery or treatment, this device is generally recommended by doctors to help improve blood flow to the penis. It may take a few months to do so, but this device can help resolve erectile dysfunction as the result of surgery.

Are There Side Effects From Using Penis Vacuums?

Do Vacuum Penis Pumps Work? What Options Are out There?

It is important to realize that when using these devices, the erection you gain is not the same as if you were to do so naturally. The penis can turn color, mainly in the blue-purple range. Black and blue marks or bruising can be seen in some cases after use as well, although in most cases these changes are temporary.

A decrease in the force of ejaculation may result from the use of the rubber ring at the base of the penis, due to the cutoff of flow to the area. To resolve this, you just need to remove the band afterwards which results discharge and relief.

The only real negative here is that these devices can get really pricey, most are at least a few hundred dollars so you are going to want to do some research on the product before you just go ahead and pick one up. It definitely is worth the money though, as evidenced by how popular these devices are and how frequently they are used.

Do Vacuum Penis Pumps Work? What Options Are out There?

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