The Truth About Penis Enlargement – Medically Confirmed Facts by the Experts

The idea that you can enlarge your penis through natural means without the need for surgical repair or implants is one that is persistent in the male enhancement industry.

While there is now plenty of evidence to back up the effectiveness of these naturally based supplements, there are so many different brand and varieties that consumers can easily get confused.

Not only may these people be buying the wrong products for their needs, they may be buying something that is just ineffective to begin with. This is why it is important to learn a little bit about penis enlargement works beforehand, prior to you going out and picking up the first product you see.

What Do Medical Professionals Say?

Fact #1: Penis Enlargement Can Cause Injury

As mentioned prior, there are many different penis enlargement methods out there, hence why you want to know what you are doing beforehand. Many people make the mistake of jumping in head first and trying to use devices and toys that they are unfamiliar with.

Using something like a cock ring or a penis stretching device can be dangerous if you get the wrong size or improperly use the piece of equipment, and can even potentially cause permanent damage. The area of the penis is especially sensitive to begin with, and many of these devices easy break, rupture and damage the blood vessels involved here.

These devices can even aggravate pre-existing conditions such as in the case of Peyronie’s disease or a priapism.

Again, make sure you know how to use these devices and the risks that come along with doing so before you go ahead and try them.

Fact #2: Supplements Can Help You Increase Size

There has been a lot of debate over supplements and how effective they are in regards to male enhancement. Some pills are completely ineffective and may even cause you harm while others out there can actually provide results.

Determining the difference between these products can be extremely difficult for consumers especially considering that many of these companies are very vague in regards to what is in the product. Knowing the ingredients the supplement contains along with the supplement having quality are both paramount in the effectiveness of the supplement in question.

Always check the label for the ingredient list and how concentrated your supplement is. In addition you want to look for a product that is backed by some kind of guarantee so you have something to fall back on if the product doesn’t work.

Certain supplements such as ones that contain ingredients like L-arginine have been proven to help increase the size of a man’s penis by increasing not only length during erection, but girth as well.

Many of these supplements are blended with other ingredients as well which come with added benefits. Some companies choose to add other ingredients to further enhance the sexual experience such as ones which improve libido or boost stamina.

Depending on the supplement you choose, you can see significant results in only a matter of weeks.

Fact # 3: Penile Traction Works Too

Penile traction devices are another option you can use to effectively increase the length of your penis as well. Again like the male enhancement supplements this success varies based on the device itself, so choose wisely.

During treatment periods men who used penile traction devices saw an increase of 1.5cm on average, and afterwards experienced no loss after treatment was stopped. This suggests that penile traction devices may be effective tools for long term penis growth.

Fact # 4: Testosterone Levels Influence Size

Testosterone is not only important for muscle building and maintenance, but is also important to a healthy sex life. Testosterone is the major male sex hormone, so this shouldn’t come as too much as a surprise.

What is a surprise however is the recent clinical studies revealing that free testosterone levels in the bloodstream do in fact influence penis growth. Hormonal treatment via testosterone replacement therapy has shown promise here, although there are some downsides.

Testosterone replacement therapy can costs thousands of dollars, and may not even be covered by your insurance company. A better option instead is to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to produce the testosterone, which can be done with less money needed.

A male enhancement supplement such as Progentra can provide you with the necessary building blocks that your body needs to make testosterone, which will improve your sex drive and libido along with the advantage of a bigger penis.

The Truth About Penis Enlargement – Medically Confirmed Facts by the Experts

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