Tribulus Terrestris

It goes by many names including Gokshura, puncture vine, caltrop, and goat’s head. For centuries, this herb has been a crucial part of Chinese, European, Ayurvedic medicines and can be found in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, though it is native to the forests of Burma and India. It has been used for 3,000 years in many cultures to positively affect both sexual and non-sexual health. In most medical spheres, tribulus terrestris is also used for fertility, urinary tract function, and sexual response. This contrasts with the full-body usage it is used for in Ayurvedic medicine.

Tribulus Terrestris Benefits


Increased Libido

Tribulus terrestris’s crowning glory is it’s libido-enhancing abilities.

This may be due to its ability to increase the androgen receptor density and enhance androgens, which are libido enhancers. Tribulus terrestris contains natural steroidal substances that can increase testosterone production through furostanol saponins, which decreases hormone receptors. Increased testosterone is achieved through enhanced amounts of luteinizing hormones (LH), which boost testosterone production in the leydig cells of the testes. As tribulus terrestris involves adaptogenic qualities, it limits increased testosterone production to normal levels in men, rather than overproducing.

Increased testosterone has a variety of benefits including enhanced libido, fertility, sexual function, but normal testosterone levels maintain energy, mood stability, healthier sleep, stress reduction, and prostate health. With these sexual health concerns handled, satisfaction should follow.


Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Tribulus terrestris targets erectile dysfunction through its phytochemicals, commonly known as “protodioscin”.

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This increases nitric oxide, a substance essential to erections that relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis allowing blood to flow into the penis and fill the cavernous spaces. With more blood flowing into the penis, larger, thicker, and well-maintained erections can increase satisfaction during sexual relations. Another method of erection support comes from tribulus terrestris’s ability to improve the circulatory system. Oftentimes, the circulatory system is unhealthy due to diet, inhaled products, and waste produced. Testosterone may clean this waste which may lead to stronger erections that are well-sustained.


Increase Sperm Count and Semen Volume

For men who are having difficulty with sperm, tribulus terrestris provides support for these issues.

There are many issues related to sperm including aspermia (inability to create semen or no sperm in semen), asthenospermia (lower sperm motility), azoosperia (immobile sperm in semen), oligospermia (low sperm count within semen), teratospermia or teratozoospermia (irregular structure of sperm), and seminal infection. In addition, increased semen volume may be seen, leading to higher chance of fertility and more pleasant sexual encounters.


Long-Term Prostate Support

Tribulus terrestris can also assist with an inflamed prostate gland, or impotence prostatitis.

An inflamed prostate gland can affect men of any age. While prostate cancer and an enlarged prostate garner the most attention, an inflamed prostate gland is a common condition, affecting 1 in 6 men. This condition can affect urination, ejaculation, and cause intense pain in the perineum (located between the rectum and scrotum) or lower back. Directly related to sexual health, an inflamed prostate gland can cause difficulty initiating ejaculations, and even when these ejaculations do occur they can be painful. Both of these realities adversely affect sexual encounters of any kind. There are different types of prostatitis, some of which are caused by bacterial infection, inflammation, depression, irritation of the pelvic area due to mechanical problems, and stress. With tribulus terrestris’s support of lower stress and depression, some causes of this painful condition can be avoided. If urination is blocked, go to the hospital, immediately, as this is a medical emergency.


Increase Sexual Potency

As a tonic, tribulus terrestris functions as a stimulatory product, increasing motor abilities, muscle tone, vitality, and stamina.

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Many of the benefits of a tonic may be derived from the steroidal aspects that regulate the stress hormone, cortisol. With reduced stress, many aspects of health, including shortened periods between orgasm may be realized, cognitive fatigue, and mood lability may abate.


Helps With Depression And Mood Swings

As noted in the previous paragraph, mood enhancement is also a benefit of tribulus terrestris.

With the right dosage, decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety that may reduce libido and the bond between partners can be prevented. With increased apathy the relationship can wither as can self-care, leading to poor diet and sleep which will negatively impact sexual performance.



Overall, tribulus terrestris is a versatile herb that has for centuries proved all the benefits now seen.

Healthier than many over-the-counter, or prescribed, medications for male sexual health, this natural herb boasts lower side effects, few adverse reactions when combined with other substances, and a flexible dosage scheduling. As with any other substance, it is recommended to discuss usage with your physician before use. If you have medical conditions or any side effects, visit your physician’s office more often.


For increases in testosterone, erection strength and size, mood, fertility, and libido, tribulus terrestris is an excellent product.

Tribulus Terrestris

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