Top Causes of Male Infertility and How to Fix it

Infertility among couples is becoming a more persistent problem among many couples today. Previously it seemed that most complications involving infertility were experienced by women, by as of late those numbers are becoming almost equal because of the rising issues among men. If you think that you are experiencing any of the negative symptoms associated with infertility as listed below and are having problems having a pregnancy, you should consult a medical professional about treatments that can help to alleviate these issues.


Before talking about the negatives associated with stress, it is important to point out that some stress is good for us, and that we all will experience stress at some point and it is unavoidable. The key is to limit our exposure to these sources of our stress, and to limit the duration of stress itself.

Chronic stress is what we want to avoid, where the body is constantly under increased stress levels for prolonged periods of time. Being under stress casus your body to release certain hormones like cortisol for example,  which encourages the storage of fat or accumulation of fat. This stress can negatively affect other biological processes as well, throwing off hormonal balance.

Try to find an activity, music or exercises you enjoy that you can use to reduce stress from work, friends, family or whatever the source may be.


Carrying around the extra weight as a result of being obese puts extra strain on your organs and organ systems. Stressing out your body because of the extra effort needed to carry out these functions can be detrimental to your health overall.  Being overweight also influences the production of hormones due to the excess fat, which can lead to infertility problems as well.

Another issue with obese people is because they don’t eat healthy, they are usually deficient in essential vitamins and minerals. Many of the high caloric foods that we eat which are linked to obesity are devoid of all nutritional value with the exception of these calories, which again is bad for our health.

Drug Use

As many people are aware of, drugs can really be detrimental to their overall health.  Whether it is painkillers,  amphetamines, or even marijuana and alcohol, these drugs can lead to infertility. If you are trying to conceive a child, you are better off doing so without drugs in your system anyway. The child can be under developed, can be born premature, and could even be born addicted to the drugs themselves if the mother is using them.

Drug use is something that should definitely be avoided at all costs when it comes to fertility and child development in general.

Overheated Testicles

There is a reason why humans evolved where their testicles exist outside of the body outside of looking ridiculous. The sperm inside the testicles needed to be a few degrees cooler than our body temperature to function properly, so making sure they can properly breathe so to speak it important.

The most common causes of infertility as a result of overheated testicles are exposure to heat from laptops, and wearing underwear that is too tight. The solution here is pretty simple, switch to boxers if you wear briefs first and foremost. Secondly if you have to use a laptop on your lap, put a barrier in between yourself and the laptop by using a pillow or blanket.

Overheated testicles are a common cause of infertility and something that can be easily avoided.

Poor Sex Life

Even if you are regularly having sex, if you aren’t completely satisfied or if the sex isn’t that great it could still lead to infertility. Emotional stress that results from problems within the relationship, mental stress or just being bored with your partner can cause you to produce infertile sperm.

Try to reduce stress the results from the relationship by being more upfront and open about any issues or problems that you have with your partner. This will not only improve your fertility, but will also benefit your relationship in general and your overall health as well.

Top Causes of Male Infertility and How to Fix it

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