The Top 5 Reasons Why Every Man Should Sleep in the Buff

It’s all is in our best interest to start off the new year right by making changes to improve our health.  While dieting, exercising, and generally staying in good physical shape demands a lot of time and effort, there are so many simpler things we can do which can greatly benefit our health as well.

If as a man, is important to know and realize that testosterone plays an important role all the areas of our health, including muscle growth and our sexual health.  As many of us know this hormone is produced in the testicles, so ensuring that they’re in the best shape possible is in our best interest.

Numerous studies have shown that’s taking off our close and sleeping in the nude is not only a great way to have more sex, but it is also extremely good for man.  This because it comes with a whole assortment of health benefits, some of which you would never expect.

You can probably come up with dozens of reasons why sleeping nude is beneficial to our health, and here’s a quick top five reasons why you should be doing so.

Better Love Life

According to multiple surveys, 62% of people who sleep tot in the nude were extremely happy and their relationships, as opposed to the 38% preferred to sleep in pajamas.  This probably has to do with the fact that people who sleep naked tend to have sex more often, and one major reason why you should sleep in the buff.

couple in bed lying down and talking

This makes complete sense when you think about it, as getting in the mood and ready for action is a lot easier time you’re clothes are already off. Being in bed with someone else naked and in contact increases the feeling of intimacy so remember to get bare before going to bed.

As Nature Intended

Whether you’re a man or you’re a woman in question as to why a man’s testicles are outside of his body is something that has crossed your mind at least one during your life.  The reasoning behind this is simple, this sperm cells which are produced here flourish and enjoy temperatures slightly below our body temperature.

When the sperm cells are too hot to heat up and compounds which make them up begin to degrade.  They need to stay cooler in order to stay in the best of health, hence why you should sleep naked as well.

Research has shown that men who wear boxers during the day and sleep naked at night, had up to the 30% lower rate of damaged DNA and their sperm, compared to men who wear briefs or other underwear which are restrictive.

Increased Sleep Quality

Something that many of us don’t know about the body is that in order for us to fall asleep, it needs to pull itself down close to 1° F or so.  The body must also maintain this temperature during sleep in order to stay asleep, another reason why sleeping nude is kid is beneficial to our health.

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Any increase in this temperature signals the brain to wake up, meaning that if the body is unable to consistently maintain a lower temperature, than the individual is going to have a lower quality of sleep.  You may not be necessarily losing out on how many hours of sleep you get here, but you certainly will not be getting as good if the night’s rest as you should be.

More Physically Fit

Another huge benefit to keeping the testicles and body cool at night is that it can keep us in better shape.  This has to do with the bodies activation of brown fat, which is the preferred type of fat as opposed to white fat.

The body is able to burn more calories per day through the activation of brown fat and in doing so can also reduce individuals chances of becoming overweight or developing related diseases such as diabetes.

Also in doing so, by sleeping naked you’re going to improve your levels of energy during the dayand will be in better overall health.

Overall Improvement in Health

As mentioned prior testosterone influences many different areas of our health, and sleeping in the nude which raises our testosterone levels and keeps our testicles in the best of shape also improves all aspects of our health.

This is of particular interest in regards to hormone regulation, as sleeping in the buff reduces levels of cortisol, and increases levels of oxytocin.  Reducing the levels of cortisol that the body produces is beneficial to our health, because this hormone is with the body releases in response to stress.

This stress hormone is one that can make us feel extremely anxious, and generally makes our mood worse, one that is also strongly tied to weight gain.  Thankfully, lowering our body temperature by sleeping nude can help to improve the body’s ability to properly regulate our hormones and greatly improve our health in multiple aspects.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Every Man Should Sleep in the Buff

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