Tongkat ali, an herb found in the Malaysian rainforest, provides multiple benefits for sexual performance including increased libido and testosterone, vasodilation, and longer erections.


          Scientifically known as eurycoma longifolia, and colloquially as many other names including, but not limited to, longjack, Malaysian Ginseng, Pasak Bumi, this aphrodisiac is known among many crowds for its multitude of enhancements to men’s sexual health.

          Tongkat ali contains many active ingredients including eurycomalacton, eurycomanon, and eurycomanol, all of which provide treatments for a variety of issues, both sexual and not.


          As tongkat ali is an aphrodisiac, it already has libido-enhancing properties. These properties are also increased by other means, including peptides, more specifically called “eurypeptides”. Through the quick release of the sex-hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG), these eurypeptides increase the release of intimate couple aphrodisiac, progentra “free” testosterone which pushes testosterone to normal levels. This process is in contrast to anabolic steroids which increases testosterone through “testosterone synthesis”.

          The majority of testosterone, 97%, is bound to proteins, SHBG and albumin, and so is unable to be utilized within the body, immediately. The remaining 3% is “free” testosterone, is unbound, and is ready to be used for sexual health enhancements.

          Other methods tongkat ali uses to increase testosterone is by elevating the luteinizing hormones, and decreasing estrogen and cortisol. These luteinizing hormones originate in the pituitary gland of the brain and travel to the testicles, where they attach to leydig cells. When this bond is formed, leydig cells synthesize testosterone, resulting in an overall increase of testosterone in the body.


          Increased libido and overall sexual function can be seen through tongkat ali’s ability to reduce the aromatization process, or to lower estrogen. While men need some estrogen, too much can have negative effects on sexual health. Men who eat a diet low in protein, high in fat and meats that include estrogen, are at risk for abnormally high levels of estrogen. Another risk factor for higher estrogen is alcohol, lack of exercise, and increased body fat. As estrogen crowds out testosterone, lower sexual drive and performance will result.


          Strengthened erections can result from tongkat ali’s ability to reduce free calcium. Calcium is crucial to regulation of the erection. When free calcium is high the constriction of smooth muscles in the penis is high, blocking blood from flowing into the penis and keeping the penis flaccid. With less free calcium the contraction of these muscles becomes softer, allowing more blood to flow into the penis, leading to erections that are both easier to reach and maintain. Satisfaction of the man and partner are a direct result of an erection that lasts longer, and possibly, throughout the sexual encounter depending on its length.

          As relaxation of the penis occurs and more blood flow fills the spaces of the penis, larger, thicker erections are often a reality.


woman surprised at erection caused by Progentra pills

          In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, tongkat ali supports enhanced sperm quality, amount, and mobility, which can lead to increased fertility. Increases in sperm quality and function may last for many months.

          There are many sexual health benefits of tongkat ali, but some peripheral benefits that may positively affect sexual performance include lowered stress, muscle gain, and fat loss.


          Tongkat ali is well-known as a stress reducer. This is achieved through decreases in cortisol, the stress hormone. Decreased stress may also reduce the refractory period after orgasm. This naturally-occurring process that, most likely, forces a break between sexual encounters will be shortened, therefore allowing a man to become erect, experience arousal, and reach orgasm. Sexual encounters can begin again with less time in between if the refractory period is shortened. While this is a useful result, take care to limit back-to-back relations, as exhaustion or another detrimental outcome may occur due to a shortened refractory period.

          Muscle gain and fat loss are both beneficial for sexual health as muscle gain may allow a variety of sexual positions, therefore increasing excitement. Fat loss lowers mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, resulting in increased confidence and the desire for sexual relations. With less fat increases in energy and strength are direct results. As energy increases, sexual encounters may last longer and daily activities could be achieved faster. Joint pain may also be a benefit of less fat. Less pain may lead to enhanced mood, flexibility, and experimentation during sexual relations.

          Finally, in most cases, tongkat ali does not need to be taken more than once, daily. This herb is absorbed by the body in a delayed-release process that offers sexual benefits for 24 hours. With all-day support, sexual performance issues could be a distant memory that tongkat ali continues to push further away each day.




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