The Facts About Stem Cells and Penis Enlargement – Do They Work?

One of the easiest ways to get a man’s attention is to mention the newest breakthroughs in the penis enlargement industry. Studies have shown that the size of a man’s penis has little bearing on his opinion about his size as the vast majority of men have reported that they are unsatisfied with the size of their penis.

First prescription erectile enhancers were all the rage, promising to reverse erectile dysfunction in men who experience that problem, while making their erections much bigger and harder than ever before. Next up came natural male enhancers which are able to provide similar if not better results than these prescription medications in most instances, as they are the next evolutionary step in male enhancement following these prescription drugs.

The latest penis enlargement craze has just hit the market as of late, one which touts itself as a natural procedure, which uses a man’s stem cells and some fatty tissue to increase the size of their penis by upwards of 3 inches. These numbers sound fantastic from the outside looking in, however just how effective is this new treatment?

What is the Purpose of Stem Cells?

If you are unfamiliar with stem cells, they are just as the name implies. These stem cells are essentially blank canvases which the body can use in the formation and proliferation of certain types of cellular tissues. These stem cells are so valuable because they can be taken from one tissue and implanted into another tissue, to where the stem cells will change to exhibit the same properties of the surrounding tissue.

This is why there has been so much uproar over the use of these stem cells as their applications in health are almost limitless, however the ethics behind their use is up for debate given that many of the steam cells used in procedures come from outside sources. That is not the case here as the stem cells come from the patient themselves, so the decision to whether or not someone should try this procedure should be rather simple, correct?

The problem with the application of stem cells in this regard is that there is no definitive proof that stem cells can influence the penile tissue growth process, leading us to question whether or not stem cells are truly needed in this process.

How Does Stem Cell Penis Enhancement Work?

The stem cell penis enlargement is really only stem cell in its name, as it is still unclear as to whether or not these cells are needed in the process. Calling it the fat injection penis enlargement technique doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, so it is no surprise why they chose the name that they did..

The procedure works by taking a portion of fat from another part of the patients body, which usually comes from around the midsection. The doctor will then take this fat which is then put into a machine where the stem cells are then isolated from it. This concentrated stem cell and fat concoction is then injected into the patient’s penis in an effort to make it look bigger. While similar procedures to this one have been performed for years, this one has the added benefit of being less invasive than other similar procedures, making it favorable among patients. The problem with this technique is that the fat injections do not always come out evenly, which can leave behind unsightly lumps.

What is the Best Penis Enlarging Option?

If the idea of having the fat from your belly injected into your penis to increase its size is unappealing to you, you certainly are far from being alone. While this technique is effective in increasing size there are simply better options out there in practically every respect. Other options you have available to increase you penis size are extenders, pumps, implants and natural male enhancers.

Out of the possible options you have available to you, only one is effective and safe to use for long periods of time. Pumps and extenders are great for short-term use, but can potentially do permanent damage if used for too long, or if used incorrectly. Implants are permanent but require surgery, which is a less safe option as well as being expensive.

Natural male enhancers on the other hand provide the user with excellent results and in a safe manner. There is minimal risk in taking your average male enhancement pill compared to the other options out there, while being just as effective. A product like Progentra would be the best possible option out there as Progentra are clinically proven male enhancement pills that work, is extremely safe and provides the user with comprehensive sexual benefits. There simply isn’t a better option out there when it comes to safe and effective penis enlargement, and is certainly more effective than injecting your belly fat into your penis.

The Facts About Stem Cells and Penis Enlargement – Do They Work?

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