The 6 Best Treatments for Low Libido

Problem involving low libido is a problem which is not exclusive to either sex, and a problem that progressively gets worse as we age. Once we reach middle age around the time where women begin to hit menopause the problem becomes one that can really impact your sex life, so it is in our best interest to mitigate the damage as best we can.

There are a variety of things you can do to improve your libido as we speak, and we’re here to provide you with the best possible options available which can improve your libido. Here are the X best ways in which you can do just that.

Be More Proactive at the Gym

Most men are fully aware of the benefits of working out on their libido, as there are countless studies that show the link between regular exercise and improved levels of serum testosterone in the body. While many men know what working out can do for their sexual desire, many of us aren’t aware that exercise can have a similar effect on our partner.

Women who are more active are first going to notice improved levels of energy, which is definitely going to help you have more sex. Getting in better shape through exercise is going to give a huge boost to their self image as well, which will make them more interested in having sex also.

Short bouts of exercise here are going to be the most beneficial, ideally doing a quick 5-10 minute workout prior to sex. This is going to give the biggest improvement to our sex drive, without exhausting ourselves in the process.

Use Supplements to Your Advantage

There are a variety of reasons why someone can be suffering from a low libido from their mental health, physical health, or whatever the cause may be for them having a reduced libido. Pinpointing the exact cause of low libido can be extremely difficult as it can arise from a number of different sources.

What we do know however is that providing the body with the right nutrients is paramount as far as its ability to function optimally is concerned. Diet is going to be the best way to do so, however the majority of adults in the west especially do not do so.

This in turn makes supplementation the best option here, as you can get all of the missing nutrition your body is craving from one convenient source. Progentra is currently the most popular and highest rated male enhancement supplement on the market, and is hands down the best option available. Its cutting-edge formulation allows it to provide the user with the best possible improvement to their libido, without negatively affecting their health.

Be Mindful of Your Medications

There are certain medications which can be responsible for a low sex drive as well, most notably drugs which fall in to the category of SSRIs. Many different types of drugs fall under this classification, largely ones which are routinely prescribes to treat depression and anxiety.

If you have been recently prescribed one of these medications and have noticed a drop in your sex drive, it may be the medication that is at fault. The best solution here is to talk to your doctor to see if there are any alternative medications you can take which do not affect your sex drive.

Get Lubed Up

While our potential lack of sex drive has a lot to do with the chemical imbalances within the body, physical trauma can be another reason why people don’t want to have sex. Lubrication can make all the difference between an enjoyable sexual experience and one that results in tremendous pain so make sure to use as much lube as needed.

The type of lubricant you use matters as well, as there are some common household items you may be tempted to grab in a pinch, but are better off not doing so. Using vegetable oil, hand creams or other unconventional sex lubricants can result in rashes, irritation and sometimes even infection. Make sure to use a lubricant specifically designed for sex, which you can pickup with your condoms the next time you head to the drugstore.

Reduce Stress as Much as Possible

When the body experiences any type of stress, it responds by producing a host of hormones, cortisol being the one which has the biggest impact on our sex drive. This hormone stimulates the “fight or flight” response we are all familiar with, the one which puts our nervous system in a state of excitement.

While this response is beneficial in stressful situations, chronic high levels of cortisol has an exhausting effect on our bodies. Inevitably at one point or another the nervous system becomes over stimulated which causes us to be tired, avoiding activities we enjoy such as sex.

Reducing your stress is an effective way to get back your libido, and regain your normal levels of energy. Relaxing breathing techniques, mediation, yoga, and even exercise are great ways to reduce stress and improve your libido.

Hormonal Therapy

Ideally you want to avoid this treatment option as much as you possibly can, and it is in your best interest to try the other suggestions listed here to improve your libido before you resort to hormone therapy.

This is because not only is hormone therapy expensive in many cases, but it can have other adverse effects on your body outside of an improvement in your libido. This is true in both men and women as far as hormone replacement therapy is concerned, such as damage to the liver which metabolizes these hormones.

The 6 Best Treatments for Low Libido

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