Testicle Ring Facts – How Do They Work and How Can They Perk Up Your Sex Life?

If you haven’t used a cock or testicle ring before-you have at the very least heard about them. These rings are used to restrict blood from flowing out of the penis, which allows for a longer lasting erection. Many men find that using these rings gives them a more pleasurable experience too, through the tightness that the ring provides.

If you are new to using cock or testicle rings you may think using them is pretty straightforward, however with that being said there are plenty of people who injure themselves doing so, many of which end up in the hospital.

Avoid embarrassing yourself and potentially severely injuring yourself in the process by knowing a little bit about how these products work.

How Do Testicle and Cock Rings Work? How Are They Used?

Testicle or penis rings can be worn in different ways, however the most common way that men use them is at the base of their penis, behind their testicles. To do so you must apply the ring on yourself while you are flaccid, as it will be virtually impossible to do so when you are erect.

If you are new to testicle rings, you should definitely do some grooming downstairs before your first experience. You don’t want to end up getting your hair caught in your ring, as that can result in a serious problem. You want to be wearing the ring for 20-30 minutes at most, so make sure you can easily slide it off after you get soft.

 What Types of Testicle Rings Are Out There? What Options Do I Have?

1-Testicle Spreader

This type of device uses a strap which is wrapped around the testicles, and wrapped around the shaft of the penis, forming a loop. Shorter snaps are snapped to the longer snap, in an effort to pull the scrotum away from the shaft.

The idea behind this device is that the man will get more pleasure when the testicles are extended away from the shaft, and will experience more intense orgasms also.

2-Ball Stretcher

This can be done with testicle rings, or with a strap-like device. Advanced users may even add weights to further stretch the testicles, greatly increasing sensation. To use this type of device, first pull your testicles to the bottom of your scrotum, and then attach the device.

3-Solid Cock Rings

The solid “O” cock or testicle rings are your traditional device, one that has been used for decades. Unlike the other methods listed so far, this one requires that you find the best fitting ring, as they are no adjustable.

If the ring is too small, you are never going to be able to get it on, and if it is too big it will slide off when you are erect. These devices have to be put on when you are soft for those reasons-it is a very rigid device.

This type of device is geared toward the more advanced user, as they can’t come off while you are erect. Use this device with caution.

4-Stimulator/Vibrating Cock Rings

These types of devices are used not only to improve the man’s sexual experience, but their partner’s as well. These devices are usually made of a firmer material like harder types of plastic and silicon. If you aren’t sure about trying one of these ask your partner-I’m sure the decision will be an easy one!

Vibrating rings are designed as a single ring which can be slid on to the penis, and is attached to a vibrator. This piece can be maneuvered so that either the woman feels extra stimulation(vibrator on top of penis) or so that the testicles get more love(vibrator on the bottom of the shaft).

 Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Testicle Rings?

Before using any type of sex device, you need to know the potential risks of doing so. As far as sex devices are concerned, cock and testicle rings are relatively safe to use. The only problems you run in to are those involving getting the ring stuck on your penis, which can be avoided with some simple forethought.

These devices usually get stuck because of improper use, mainly a man using the wrong size ring, getting it stuck after he becomes fully erect. Make sure to buy the correct size ring.

Other things to consider when using these devices are pre existing health conditions, such as diabetes or heart conditions. Using a cock or testicle ring when you have these conditions can lead to problems like blood clots- along with the usual suspects like pain, bleeding and loss of sensitivity, so do so with caution.

Testicle Ring Facts – How Do They Work and How Can They Perk Up Your Sex Life?

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