How to Tell If Your Partner Is Having an Emotional Affair

Not being able to properly diagnose their partner’s feelings is a problem that many men have, making it difficult for them to gauge how their partner is feeling. Is she just being distant because she is in a bad mood, or is there something deeper going on here? How can you tell if she’s emotionally invested in someone else other than you?

Our guts are usually our go to source when it comes to many of the decisions we make, but there are some other pretty obvious signs out there as well if you know what you are looking for.

Your Sex Life Has Dramatically Changed as of Late

One of the first signs you will notice if your partner is emotionally invested in someone else is a change in your sex life. In most cases what will happen is that all of a sudden she will become less interested in you, and she will usually have a poor excuse as to why.

If you partner is giving you excuses like being too tired often, feeling sick or just not in the mood, these are red flags indicating that she may be interested in someone else. When a woman becomes more emotionally invested in another man than the one she is seeing, her sexual desire for her boyfriend or husband will take a huge plunge as a result.

Her Attitude Towards You Has Changed

Has your partner really seemed like she’s been in a bad mood lately? Whether it be picking on your clothes, your hairstyle or your cooking, it could be a sign that her interests are elsewhere. These are things that she probably never complained about before, but all of a sudden they are an issue.

Passionate Couple

She is doing this because she is mentally comparing you to her crush, and in her mind you just don’t stand up to them in whatever capacity that may be. If she starts criticizing you more frequently or just seems like she is always looking for a fight, it is a very bad sign that she is interested in someone else.

She Is More Detached-Always Buried in Her Cellphone

One thing many men can attest to is that once they get in to a new relationship and start dating someone, the text messages they send and receive daily goes through the roof. It is the result of the excitement of meeting someone new, and devoting much of your free time towards this person.

Conversely if you are in a relationship and notice that your partner is more involved with the cellphone than usual it is a sign that they may be interested in someone else. The easiest way to find out whether or not this is true is to just ask them, and how forthcoming they are with that information will tell you all that you need to know.

If she does this, she knows that she is wrong, hence her avoiding you and not being upfront about what is going on. She knows that you will understandably feel jealous if you found out, and that is why she is keeping it secret.

She Constantly Talks About Him or His Friends

This one seems rather obvious, but might not be so if this person is also friends with your friends or hers. This can make it less obvious that she is interested in the person, even though she routinely brings them up in conversation.

We all name drop from time to time, and bringing up her guy friends on occasion isn’t cause for alarm. With that being said obsessing over someone indicates much more than a friendship, and is something you should take note of.

If she does do this, point it out to her. If she gets defensive in response or is insistent that their relationship is nothing more than a friendship you should be alarmed and should consider ending things.

You Feel Left out in the Relationship

Going out in public with some friends other than just your partner is a great way to gauge how interested they are in you. Just be aware of how they act around you versus others, and if there is a significant difference you should take it as a warning sign.

If you are the guy that goes to parties and feels like he is always solo because their girl is off talking to someone else, it is definitely something to be concerned of. You should be the number one priority to her and if she is off with other people while leaving you alone, that is probably not the case.

How to Tell If Your Partner Is Having an Emotional Affair

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