Swoon Kink – Is It the Hottest New Sex Toy?

When it comes to men and masturbation, we’ll pretty much put our penis in anything if it feels good. This is why flashlights and other devices are so popular, as it is a better alternative to sticking your meat in an apple pie, using tissues, or using a sock or a pillow case which aren’t exactly reusable.

One of the main considerations here is that whatever is being used better be comfortable, and that is where the new sex toy Swoon Kink comes in. It is essentially a high end, cashmere looking sock that will bring you back nostalgic memories of back when you were a kid first figuring things out.

The difference here is that these are custom made with ribbing specifically designed just for that purpose, instead of that old crusty pitted sock you were used to. The soft fabric makes it so that your skin doesn’t chafe at all, even after multiple uses(after washing of course).

The climax is going to be a little bit messier than usual, as this product is just a sleeve and isn’t all encompassing like the socks you’re used to. It is missing the top so that when you ejaculate it can get messy if you aren’t careful.

This rag can be washed with cold water and dried flat, so there is no need to throw this thing in the laundry which definitely which is good news if you don’t live alone. You can wash this thing in the bathroom after you are done which makes it pretty discreet.

This type of product is relatively cheap as well, most sleeves retailing for $25-35 with ones ranging up in to the $100s for those of us looking for that special customized look.

This means that this can make a great gag gift this holiday season for your friends as well, just make sure that you take a look at the very obvious packaging beforehand. Sending this to a friend that you know will open up it up in front of their family may not be the best idea.

Why Friction?

When it comes to masturbation, men tend to fall in to two different categories. Ones that like more moisture or lubrication, while others like friction. The ones that fall in to the latter category seem to be fewer than those in the former, hence there being so many more toys and masturbation products revolving around lubrication.

There aren’t too many products that cater to people who prefer friction, hence why this product was made and why it has become so popular as of late. Think of it as a masturbation product marketed towards wannabe sadomasochists, which delivers both a mix of pleasure with a small amount of pain as well.

Experiencing pain during sex can excite the nervous system resulting in more pleasure in some people as a result, and is the major reason why many people like to experience pain during sex as well.

Swoon Kink – Is It the Hottest New Sex Toy?

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