The Six Things You Can Do On Social Media To Really Piss Her Off

Let’s face it guys, when it comes to social media and our online presence we can do some pretty dumb things. Not only are you hurting her feelings you are making yourself look like an idiot in the process, in front of potentially thousands of people

If you keep getting shutdown because of what you do on social media and don’t know why that is, we’re here to help.

1-Stop Ignoring Her

Listen, we’re not saying that you have to respond to every poke, tweet and like that she makes. That would be ridiculous and to expect that would be setting you up for failure.

What we mean by not ignoring her is simple, don’t ignore her outright. If you are on social media, likling other pictures, posts or are posting yourself, chances are she is going to see you doing so. She knows you are online and expect you to respond back because you are to other people.

Ignoring her here is not only obvious, it makes her feel like garbage. Just use common sense and apply generously.

2-Stop Being Obsessed With Yourself

There is nothing worse on instagram then the guy who has hundreds of pictures of himself posing in front a mirror with a cell phone in hand. Not only is this overdone and unoriginal, but it makes you look like a narcissist who is full of themselves.

Save the selfies for important moments in your life. Graduation? Selfies are ok. New job? Take a selfie. Hit a new milestone at the gym? Go for it. Just try to exercise restraint and post selfies in moderation.

3-Stay Away From Emotional Posting

No one likes the person who always has the “poor me” or “my life sucks” type of status on facebook or other social media platforms, all it does is spread negativity which most people shy away from. Even if you don’t have an overall negative aspect on life, posting stuff like that on your social media will give others the impression that you do, and they will stay away as a result.

Stay away from posting about the negative stuff and focus on the positive.

4-Liking Other’s Girls’ Posts

If you’re in a serious relationship, again use common sense and don’t like any nude pictures or anything similar on social media. If your girlfriend has it she is definitely going to see it and you know there is going to be a problem.

This is the easiest thing to avoid yet many people fail to do so. Exhibit some self control and don’t go stupidly liking other girls photos unless you are looking for an argument.

5-Bragging or Showboating Too Much

Just like posting negative status’ all time, the other end of the spectrum is just as bad. No one wants to read or hear about how great you are because you accomplished whatever goal it is. Chances are it has been done before and you aren’t the greatest ever to do it like you are probably claiming.

If you want to post pictures or messages regarding something awesome you’ve accomplished, just try to keep it reasonable and don’t gloat too much. There is nothing wrong with wanting to share your accomplishments with the world, just don’t be a jerk about it.

6-Sending Unwanted Nude Pics

This should go without saying but unfortunately it has to be said considering how many guys continue to do this. If you’re interested in a girl, breaking the ice by sending a pic of your junk isn’t the best idea.

Not only may she be completely disgusted, it could potentially be illegal where you are as well. Unless she specifically asks you to do so, don’t send her pictures of your junk, it really is that simple.

The Six Things You Can Do On Social Media To Really Piss Her Off

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