Simple Steps You Can Take to Better Maintain Your Erections

As a man, it really goes without saying that our penises are extremely valuable to us. When it comes to our sexual health and ability to perform in the bedroom we will go to almost any length to do so, as long as we aren’t hurting ourselves in the process.

Many of us know that a bad diet and lack of exercise can jeopardize our health and can negatively impact our sex lives as well. Poor blood flow, lack of energy, and hormonal imbalance are just a few of the known problems we face from a poor diet.

What many of us don’t realize however is that our other poor habits can negatively impact our sex lives as well, even though we may not take them seriously as such. Some of these issues can lead to serious problems like erectile dysfunction so make sure you are taking every step you can to avoid it.

1 – Take a Better Look at Your Prescription Medications

The first place you need to look is in your medicine cabinet, as many different medications can potentially cause erectile dysfunction. Blood pressure medications are pretty obvious culprits, however even drugs that are designed to treat depression, anxiety and even hair loss can potentially cause erectile dysfunction.

Read your medications and take a look at the information regarding side effects. If you see erectile dysfunction as a potential side effect, it is definitely worth talking to your doctor about. There are many alternative medications used to treat various issues, and it may be possible to switch your medication to one that won’t cause erectile dysfunction.

2 – Make Sure That You Are Getting Adequate Rest

Let’s face it, most of us lead busy lives and have little to no free time to ourselves. When we need more time to either get work done, deal with the kids, or whatever else it may be, inevitably our sleep suffers. Most of us do not get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night, which can cause many negative health consequences such as erectile dysfunction.

Sleep is essential in maintaining the proper hormone levels. One of the ones we are most concerned with in regards to sexual health is testosterone, and lack of sleep can dramatically reduce these levels.

Just losing 2-3 of rest a night for as little as a period of 5 days can reduce your testosterone levels by about 10%. This is a huge number which only gets amplified as time goes on, so get enough sleep. Again, 7-8 hours of rest a night on a consistent basis is what you want to strive for.

3 – Do Your Best to Separate Work Life and Home Life

One of the biggest reasons why many men suffer from sexual dysfunction is because they are too stressed. Work is a major cause of this stress for most people, so it only makes sense to keep your work at work as much as possible.

It simply comes down to this, chronic stress is bad for our health. Taking your work home and being worried about it during off hours is only going to prolong that stress, signaling your body to continue to release the hormones related to stress, in a continuing cycle.

This additional stress translates in to the bedroom, and is especially problematic in the case of getting and maintaining an erection. More stress and anxiety makes it more difficult to perform so eliminate the sources whenever possible. Separate your work from your free time as much as you possibly can to do so.

4 – Reduce Your Intake of Alcohol and Cigarettes

It is pretty common knowledge now that cigarettes and alcohol can be bad for our health. The evidence is overwhelming in the case of what they do to our cardiovascular system and how it functions.

Most of us know that cigarettes are bad for our lungs, but they are bad for our heart and blood vessels as well. Smoking can damage the lining of our blood vessels, which can damage them to the point where they can’t effectively transfer blood. This means they can potentially cause erectile dysfunction, something to definitely keep in mind.

Alcohol on the other hand not only affects your ability to maintain an erection down the line, but has the immediate effects of such as well. Getting limp dick from alcohol is no joke that many of us have experienced.

Forget about the temporary effects though, as those who drink alcohol regularly have a higher chance of developing erectile dysfunction as those that don’t. To best avoid this, limit yourself to 2-3 drinks per night and avoid binge drinking altogether.

5 – Give Yourself All the Support You Need

On top of making all the correct lifestyle choices to reduce your chances of developing erectile dysfunction, you need to make sure that you are providing your body with the proper nutrients that it needs.

Ideally you should be getting all of the vitamins, minerals and macronutrients you need from natural food sources; however this is unrealistic for most people. Most of us don’t get all that we need from our diets, so supplementing it with a male enhancement supplement and a multivitamin is our best option.

When buying a supplement, you obviously want to be buying one that has the right ingredients, and that those ingredients are of the highest quality. It is easy to read an ingredient label, but how do you know the ingredients are of high quality?

This is why you should only buy from companies that offer 100% money-back guarantees so you know that you are getting a product with potent ingredients and aren’t getting ripped off. Don’t fall for scams by companies who offer ineffective products with inferior ingredients which are more than likely not backed with a guarantee.

Simple Steps You Can Take to Better Maintain Your Erections

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