Sex Toys for Men-Are There More Options out There Than Just a Blowup Doll?

When you take a look at the sex industry and specifically at the toys available-it is pretty evident who the industry is targeting. The first thing we think of when it comes to sex toys are vibrators and dildos, as they are some of the most common and widely used devices.

On the flip side, when we envision a guy with a sex toy-usually the first image we think of is something along the lines of Ryan Gosling in Lars and the Real Girl. If you don’t know what we’re talking about it is just as you pictured it- a pathetic looking dude who is dating a “realistic” blow up doll.

This definitely isn’t a look anyone want to go for, and owning a blowup doll can be embarrassing enough. It isn’t like a cock ring or a pack of condoms that you can just slip away in a drawer somewhere, these things are huge and aren’t exactly inconspicuous either.

 What Changed in the Sex Toy Industry?

Traditionally the sex toy industry was more geared towards women, but things are beginning to change. It not like there has been a boom in the male population or any other major change, so why the certain sudden shift in the industry?

Well, most of this has to do with advancements in technology, and changes to the toys available. Traditionally all men had available to them were things like cock rings and other tools to get the job done, but there was nothing visually stimulating to go along with them.

sex toys for men

This is why pornography was so popular among men as opposed to sex toys, pornography was just more visually stimulating. It makes sense when you think about it too, as watching an actress or model is much more realistic than looking at the pathetic looking blowup dolls they had only 10 years ago.

The blow up dolls back then looked very strange to put it nicely, and using one to quickly get off was just extremely weird. This opinion held true until recently, where more realistic looking dolls began to hit the market.

The Traditional Blow Up Doll Versus a Real DollWhat Is the Difference?

The time that the “real dolls” came along, around the late 1990s is when things really began to change. The quality of these dolls really began to increase, and thus did demand. The traditional blowup doll made from cheap plastic that looked unrealistic is now a thing of the past.

Newer models were completely different, which of course changed the market. Instead of the cheap plastic material used in blowup dolls, real dolls use silicon based material which is much softer and feels better to the touch.

The companies who developed and marketed these newer dolls were taking a huge risk, as the market for dolls in general wasn’t great to begin with. The dolls that they were advertising were thousands of dollars as well, compared to the extremely cheap blow up dolls.

sex toys for men

Luckily for them these dolls were a hit, so much so that newer, more advanced models have been and still are being developed today.

These dolls are so popular that people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for them, opening up a very large and lucrative market. They have done so to the point where the marketplace has expanded further to include new and alternative types of sex toys for men.

Prostate Toys Are Extremely Popular As Well

As we mentioned prior, the huge demand for sex dolls by men really helped to open up the market for them. Another extremely popular and relatively new development in the sex toy industry are prostate massagers.

These tools work by insertion in to the anus, which can be a little uncomfortable for people unfamiliar with the process. They work like this so that they can best stimulate the prostate gland which is located in this area. Stimulating the prostate can help a man experience a much more intense and pleasurable orgasm.

There are literally dozens of different toys on the market, so there are plenty of options out there. The prostate gland is one that you probably aren’t too familiar with, but it plays a large role in a man’s ability to get the full sexual experience. While anal play among heterosexual men is a relatively new area for most people, it is one that is ever increasing in popularity among the mainstream.

Sex Toys for Men-Are There More Options out There Than Just a Blowup Doll?

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