How to Save a Long Distance Relationship on Life Support-the Sex Tips You Need to Know

Long distance relationships are extremely challenging no matter how far you are from each other. Whether it be 50 miles or 5,000 the facts are that you have to a deal with your relationship from afar.

Having little to no contact with someone you are supposed to be so intimately connected with is very difficult to say the least, and is one huge reason why long distance relationships tend to crumble. With this being said it certainly isn’t a problem you can’t get passed, you just have to know how to adjust accordingly.

You may have to get creative and make some major adjustments to your sex life, but keeping your relationship healthy is definitely achievable. You just have to know how to do so-and here are some tips to get you started.

Make Sure to Set Time Aside for Your Relationship

Our lives now a days are more hectic than ever, with people trying to squeeze as many activities as they can in to their already packed schedule.

Between work, family, friends and children if you have them-finding alone time can be difficult. This is even more so the case when you have a partner who is not always physically there with you, making you prone to put them and their needs on the backburner.

How to Save a Long Distance Relationship on Life Support-the Sex Tips You Need to Know

On top of this chances are that you both aren’t going to be in the mood at the same time, which complicates things further.

To get around this, you can simply set some time aside each week where you two can have a chance to talk to each other and get intimate.

Many people don’t like the idea of scheduling these things as it takes the spontaneity out of it but the facts are that it may be necessary to save the relationship. Planning ahead of time gives you and your partner something to look forward to, and can increase your desire for each other.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

One major advantage we have now as far as long distance relationships are concerned is the access to technology. Between snapchat, facetime, livestreams and other forms of communication we have at our disposal, keeping in touch has never been easier.

Being able to visualize our partners like we can do with video chat is a huge advantage we have now as opposed to just a decade ago. These forms of media make it easy to get really intimate with our partners from a distance, helping us to close that gap.

Using skype or facetime while mutually masturbating is a great way to keep things interesting and help to prolong the health of the relationship.

Emotional Connections Are Important Too

A huge part of intimacy involved physical contact, however our emotions and the emotional bond we make with our partners is essential to a happy and healthy relationship also. Try to remember to ask about your partner’s feelings, how there day was going and other inquiries which show that you are genuinely interested and concerned about their well being.

How to Save a Long Distance Relationship on Life Support-the Sex Tips You Need to Know

This is an important aspect of the relationship to remember, especially for men. Sometimes listening to you partners feelings and being there isn’t enough-you have to express yours to her as well. This will increase the bond of trust between the both of you, and will help to strengthen the bonds of the relationship.

Learn How to Talk Dirty to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Talking dirty is definitely an acquired skill, especially if you are someone who is naturally shy. Unfortunately when it comes to long distance relationships talking dirty is pretty much essential in that it will help you get your partner aroused without having to physically touch them.

This again takes some time and skill to get down, as everyone is turned on by different things, and of course everyone has their limits. The art of talking dirty is an extremely delicate one that takes time, so make sure to practice and practice often!

Building Sexual Tension Is a Benefit

Not being able to have what we desire is one easy way to increase that desire. While this is something that can damage your average relationship, it can actually help those in long distance ones. Building up this sexual tension is going to increase your desire for each other, to where you are really going to look forward to the next skype conversation or phone call.

Chances are that the longer you wait the more intense the conversation is going to be, so in this case its great to let that tension build.

How to Save a Long Distance Relationship on Life Support-the Sex Tips You Need to Know

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