The Risks Behind Stealthing-What You Should Know About This New Frightening Trend

Stealthing is a new trend that is becoming increasing popular among men, a trend that can really put the health of many people at risk. This practice involves the man taking off the condom at some point during intercourse, in an effort to get a more natural, more sensational experience.

The scary part about this is that this is done without the knowledge of their partner, which not only is a good way to contract STDs, but also feels like a violation in itself. On top of that you can cause further emotional trauma such as an unwanted pregnancy, giving men more reason not to take part in this new trend.

On top of this, based on surveys conducted this practice is much more common than one would think. It is a lot easier to pull off than one would think as well, as it can go unnoticed by their partner. This can make the person more prone to doing so as they are more likely to get away with it.

Is Stealthing Sexual Assault?

Generally speaking condom removal during sex without consent is considered by most people to be sexual assault, some of whom even consider it to be a form of rape. It makes sense as it is essentially forcing someone to commit a sexual act that they never agreed to, as many people wouldn’t have sex in the first place without a condom.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that laws can vary greatly from country to country, and in one this act may be lawfully ok, while in others it means jail time. In fact back in January of this year a Swiss man was convicted of rape after taking off his condom during sex without telling his partner.

The Risks Behind Stealthing-What You Should Know About This New Frightening Trend

This case was a landmark one that will no doubt change the landscape from here on out, and is a pretty clear indication of how most women feel about this practice. Sex without consent is considered to be rape, and having sex without a condom isn’t too much of a stretch here in that consideration.

With that being said if the potential criminal implications aren’t enough from stopping you from trying to pull this off during sex, maybe hearing about the potential side effects will change your mind.

What STDs Can You Get From Stealthing?

For many couples a condom is just an afterthought, something that has become part of their routine. Most of us first think of condoms as a contraceptive in its defense against pregnancy, but it also of course is the primary defense against STDs for most of us as well.

Herpes is a huge potential risk factor here, as skin to skin exposure of this viral infection is the most effective way to spread the disease. Not only are herpes blisters painful and annoying to deal with, they are something that can recur at anytime in your life, a disease that is incurable.

The Risks Behind Stealthing-What You Should Know About This New Frightening Trend


Another risk factor here is HIV, which is still a very debilitating and potentially deadly disease. While the medical community has made great strides in the treatment options available for those with HIV and how effective these treatments are, it is still a disease that you want to avoid getting.

HIV destroys the immune system if given the chance to do so, which makes us susceptible to diseases we otherwise wouldn’t give a second thought to. Something as simple as the common cold or catching the flu can potentially be a death sentence for someone who develops AIDS as a result of HIV contraction.

Syphilis is a third major STD you can easily catch through the act of stealthing. Syphilis is easily spread this way because it is easy to come in contact with infected wounds or sores through unprotected sex. This disease is especially problematic because it progresses through specific stages, and may not be easily recognizable if you don’t know what to look for.

The first stage of infection involves the development of a sore, which can resemble any other type of sore that you would have on your body. This means that it is more difficult to detect at this stage. Afterwards this stage is followed by a full body rash, and then a latent period where no symptoms are present.

During this period many people think that the disease has left them, and that they no longer need to seek treatment. Unfortunately the disease then progresses to the third stage after the latent period, which comes along with serious medical problems. It can spread to vital organs such as the heart and brain, leading to an early death.

The Risks Behind Stealthing-What You Should Know About This New Frightening Trend

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