One of the most harrowing moments of a man’s life is when he realizes that impotence is slowly creeping in. Erectile dysfunction is one of the biggest threats to a man’s sexual health, and it dawns on every man at different points in their lives. Being sexually incapable robs a man of his virility, pleasure, and confidence. Knowing your risk factors for erectile dysfunction would allow you to prepare for erectile dysfunction and prevent the disease from affecting your sexual health.


  • Studies show that by the age of 40, 40% of men would have been affected already by erectile dysfunction. Incidentally, the adage that life begins at 40 holds true for men, as most men would be enjoying the significant work and life balance by the time they reach 40. Once they reach the age of 40, many would be enjoying the significant years of their careers, while having enough energy to enjoy their success. Unfortunately 4 out of 10 men would experience erectile dysfunction during the peak of their adult lives.
  • Complete erectile dysfunction prevalence would increase by 5 to 15% between the ages of 40-70. As men age, the risk for developing erectile dysfunction increases. By the age of 70, most men would have COMPLETE erectile dysfunction, rendering them incapable of enjoying sexual pleasure.  
  • 50% of men who suffer from diabetes would likely experience erectile dysfunction. Men who smoke also have a 50% higher chance of smoking compared to those who do not smoke. Diabetics who smoke are almost certain to experience erectile dysfunction.
  • 48% of men who take erectile dysfunction drugs experience the associated side effects with the drug
  • 1 out of 5 men experience erectile dysfunction due to psychological causes.
  • ONLY 1 out of 3 men would seek help to fix their erectile dysfunction problem.


The short answer is – YES. Every man is at risk for developing erectile dysfunction. The only question is WHEN. Men encounter erectile dysfunction at different stages of their lives. Some take longer to develop erectile dysfunction, while some develop erectile dysfunction faster because of the factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction. There is no absolute way to completely avoid erectile dysfunction, but there are some men who reach the ages of 70-80 years and can still obtain an erection without the use of erectile dysfunction drugs.

The risk factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction are:



A person who smokes is 50% more likely to develop erectile dysfunction. Smoking can easily damage your blood vessels. The erectile process relies heavily on your cardiovascular system to function properly, and with the damage caused by smoking, it makes it even harder for your heart, lungs, and blood vessels to supply enough blood to your penis to cause an erection. Smoking doesn’t just affect your erectile process, but your physical stamina, which can greatly reduce your sexual performance. Smoking can also damage the nerves in your body and prevent you from responding to sexual stimulus. If you want to protect your sexual health, try to quit smoking, or try alternatives that would not do as much damage as smoking.



Having type 2 or type 1 diabetes could greatly increase your risk for developing erectile dysfunction. High blood sugar can severely impair your nerves, which would desensitize your body for sex. Long-term blood sugar control problems can also lead to cardiovascular problems, and prevent your penis from getting the blood flow it needs to obtain an erection.

High cholesterol

Having high cholesterol in your diet can greatly increase your risk for developing erectile dysfunction. High levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) can lead to plaque buildup in your arteries, which cause atherosclerosis, and reduce the elasticity of your blood vessels. Atherosis can also cause stenosis or occlusion of arteries, which can result to more fatal scenarios such as stroke, embolisms, or heart attacks.


obesity progentra

Being overweight can also increase your risk for developing erectile dysfunction. Obesity is typically related with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol; the factors that were previously discussed. Weight problems can also contribute to erectile dysfunction as the body takes up more energy, and it reduces your stamina for sex. Obesity also requires your heart to pump more blood to function properly. Cardiovascular problems could lead to the lack of blood volume and pressure, which could prevent you from gaining an erection.


Age is the only factor that is unavoidable in this list. Young men enjoy the peak of testosterone at a young age – during puberty and young adulthood. During these years, men need the high levels of testosterone to influence the development of secondary characteristics of men, such as facial hair, a deep voice, and broad shoulders. As men age, the natural production of testosterone is reduced since the body has no need for development anymore. The reduction of testosterone leads to a drop in libido, which prevents men from responding appropriately to sexual stimulus.

As every man is at risk for developing erectile dysfunction, it would be smart to protect yourself from the risk factors of erectile dysfunction as early as possible. The lifestyle changes that you implement now could ripple into your golden years and greatly affect your outlook in life as you age.



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