What Is It Really Like to Have a Micropenis?

If you’re an average guy, the idea that your penis could be the size of a Bic lighter may be laughable, but it is a reality for many men out there. There are men out there who are only 2-3inches erect, as this condition affects an estimated 0.5% of the population.

This may seem like a small number however when you account for the enormous amount of people on the planet you quickly realize just how many men are walking around with a micropenis, many of whom lead active sex lives.

What Causes a Micropenis?

A micropenis is something that occurs as the result of inadequate testosterone levels in an individual, which can occur even before we are born. This makes the condition identifiable as early as our infancy, and may be corrected if done so.

This condition can be improved through testosterone therapy and making sure an individual maintains a proper body weight. Individuals who are obese and overweight tend to produce less testosterone than their thinner peers, so if you suffer from both problems losing some weight will definitely help.

Do Micropenises Function Normally?

The majority of men who have this condition have a penis that functions normally, however they do have higher rates of sexual dysfunction than men with average size penises. This is believed to be due to psychological issues involving feeling inadequate and not being able to satisfy their partners.

The good news for men that suffer from this issue is that there are plenty of options out there which can help them grow their penis, such as surgery, toys, and male enhancement supplements. Supplements can help the penis grow naturally by providing the body with more of the nutrients it needs to produce growth hormones and testosterone.

Should They Notify Their Partner Beforehand?

Guys who have this problem run into another one when it comes to whether or not they should inform the person they’re dating from the get-go. This can be extremely problematic as many people aren’t looking to have sex on a first, second, or even third date so determining when to do so can be difficult.

Conversely not telling someone about having a micropenis until you are already undressed and ready to go may anger them because in not doing so you can been seen as being deceptive.

Another problem is that in doing so you are essentially implying that your partner is shallow, which isn’t going to go well either way. All in all there really is no good way for a man with a micropenis to break the news to their partner no matter how they approach the situation.

Be Honest With Your Partner

On the flip side of things, if you are dating someone and then find out they have a micropenis, be honest with them about it. First and foremost you have to consider how you react to the situation in the bedroom.

Many guys out there with a small penis may find it flattering if their partner told them they were average size or even huge, however there are others out there that are going to take it as a slight. They may feel like they are being pitied, which reinforces the idea that they are inadequate.

While the condition itself doesn’t cause a man to be unable to perform, the psychological issues that come along with it may. While this may be the opposite of the woman’s intent she may be making her man feel more miserable than he already is about having a micropenis, so being honest may be a better route to go.

If you are a woman or a man who has a partner with a micropenis, make sure you are open with them about how you feel about your sex life. While having enjoyable sex with a partner with a micropenis is definitely possible, it isn’t the case for everyone. Sometimes a man is going to have to find other ways to adequately satisfy their partner such as engaging in more foreplay, so make sure to communicate this to your partner if it is an issue for you.

Be Respectful

One of the worst things that happens to men after a sexual encounter is that their partner goes and spreads the fact that they have a micropenis to all of their friends, which can circulate back to the individual.

If this happens the guy is going to be absolutely devastated, which is not only going to ruin their confidence when it comes to dating and sex, but will more than likely impact their lives elsewhere.

Not wanting to sleep with someone with a micropenis is completely understandable, and most guys who have this condition know and accept this. With that being said there is no reason to turn into a joke, as this condition is rare enough as it is.

What Is It Really Like to Have a Micropenis?

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