Potential Penile Problems-Is Every Man Born the Same?

Not every penis is built in the same way and unless you are actively searching for them you probably don’t know about the many potential problems that thousands of men suffer from.

Penises not only come in all different shapes which can be beneficial for a man, but he can also be born with a condition which can cause him to perform poorly and negatively impact his health in other ways as well.

The 6 Most Extreme Penis Problems That You Can Be Born With


This condition is one of the more freaky ones out there, and believe it or not it is possible to be born with two penises, otherwise known as diphallia. While at first it would seem awesome to have two penises, the condition comes with many negative side effects as well.

The first major problem that many sufferers of diphallia face is that more often than not one of the penises is not going to be fully functional, and rarely are they the same size. This means that many patients inevitably opt for surgery to remove the smaller, less functional penis to prevent problems down the road.

People who suffer from this illness also have a higher rate of mortality due to the greater risk of infection that this condition causes. Having two penises may sound great, but the statistics tell us otherwise.


Hypospadias is a condition where the penis looks normal with the exception of the urinary meatus being in the wrong area. If you are unfamiliar with the term it simply refers to the hole of the penis being in the wrong area, which is much more common problem than one would think.

About 0.5% of the population suffers from this disease which may not seem like a huge number, however that is over 1.5 million men in the United States alone. Luckily, this condition can be fixed with a relatively simple surgery known as a tubularized incised plate urethroplasty.

What this does is it fixes not only the way the penis looks, but makes it act as a normally functioning penis as well. This fixes the problem of spraying that people who have this disease experience anytime they try and urinate.


This condition is famously known as small penis syndrome, where the man has an extremely small penis to where it is a major issue in the bedroom. This disorder comes as the result of the body not producing enough testosterone and growth hormone during development which comes along with other issues as well.

Due to the inadequate amount of testosterone produced during development, the individual will almost certainly suffer from low libido and potentially infertility as well.

People who suffer from this condition have two treatment options: they can either undergo hormonal and growth hormone therapies along with a strict diet and supplementation, or worst case scenario they go for penile enhancement surgery. The former option is definitely more preferable due to the reduced risk and cost of doing so when compared to going under the knife.

Peyronie’s Disease

Instead of the penis being straight or even having a slight curve in it, people who suffer from Peyronie’s disease have a penis which is severely curved in one direction or another. This is one of the more common penis problems that men suffer from as it is reported that upwards of 5% of all men suffer from some form of this disease.

This is not only a problem of aesthetics as a bent penis doesn’t look attractive, but can also present problems in the area of functionality. This condition can make getting an erection extremely painful in many cases, and also can make intercourse impossible.

Inflammation and scar tissue build up as the result of the body trying to repair the damage can make things worse, increasing the pain experienced as a result.

The best solutions here is to take topical and oral supplements which can reduce the inflammation and further damaged caused. Corrective surgery is necessary in the most severe cases, but of course is best avoided if possible.


Chordee is commonly confused with the condition above, as it involves a bend in the head of the penis as opposed to a bend in the shaft. Generally speaking this condition comes with less complications as well, as intercourse is still possible in most cases without too much pain.

Best case scenario here is that this problem is just a cosmetic one where you can just not worry about treating it at all. With that being said many men suffer from the same issues as those do from hypospadias and many require surgery to fix the issue.

Webbed Penis

This condition is probably exactly as you imagine it would be, where the scrotum doesn’t end at the base of the shaft, but extends all the way up to the head of the penis. While this condition usually doesn’t come with any medical problems, it is definitely an eye sore.

Like many of the other conditions here the best solution for those who suffer from this condition is to opt for minor surgery in the removal of excess skin. This involves the trimming away of extra skin and the reattachment at the base of the shaft.

This surgery is usually performed at birth as this condition is one that occurs during the development of the fetus. Some men do make it to adulthood with this condition however, as there are no health consequences that come as a result of having this condition.

Potential Penile Problems-Is Every Man Born the Same?

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