What Is the Pleasure Ring? How Does It Stand up to the Competition?

The number one thing people are concerned about when it comes to their sex lives is whether or not they are adequately satisfying their partner. This is why the sex industry is so huge, as people will try almost anything to give themselves an edge.

One popular device people use are cock rings, because of how versatile these tools are. The problem with cock rings is that they don’t go too well with the most widely used male contraceptive, that being condoms. Cock rings can make condom use even more uncomfortable than it already is, and also can make the condom more prone to falling off.

It seems that Durex, one of the leaders in condoms has come up with a solution though-a silicone pleasure ring that can be used along with your condom. This seems like a win-win but how effective is this new device in improving your overall experience?

Where Is the Best Place to Put a Pleasure Ring?

Using a cock ring seems simple enough however there are more than one way to use it. If you are new to cock rings, the best way to use one is to just slip it on to the shaft of your penis, down to the base.

pleasure ring

This will help to keep the blood from flowing back out of the penis in to the rest of the body, prolonging your erection. It also helps to increase sensation in the penis as keeping these sensitive areas supplied with blood feeds our nerve endings responsible for these sensations.

The Durex pleasure ring is supposed to be worn just as such, it is easy to apply with or without a condom, essentially making it an idiot proof device. You put your condom on, slip the ring on afterwards, and you are good to go.

The Durex ring is made of a very soft, gooey like material-similar to the ones used in gel inserts. This makes it very flexible and easy for anyone to use, of any size girth. It also is lubricated, making it very easy to apply and without having to worry about pain from friction.

Another popular way to apply a cock ring is around the entire shaft and balls as well. More advanced users tend to go this route, and feel that this method is the best at keeping that blood flow where you want it to be. This method also tends to give men a more intense and pleasurable orgasm-another reason why it is a very popular method.

A third way to wear a cock ring is to not wear it around your cock at all, and just to wrap it around your testicles. This is a way to stretch you balls away from your body, which is done to intensify orgasms. A pleasure ring would be a great device to use here also, as you are going to want a more flexible type of ring rather than a more rigid type in this case.

Should You Use a Condom Before or After Applying a Pleasure Ring?

If you are someone who has used cock rings with condoms before, you probably know better than to apply the condom, then to apply the ring afterwards. The chances of ripping or damaging the condom in some way is extremely high using this method, so naturally you would want to apply the cock ring first.

With that being said, this new pleasure ring product says that you can apply it after you put on a condom-but should you?

These pleasure rings are made of silicon, or a silicon like material that is a type of gel. It is very flexible and you can slip it right over the condom.

You still do have to slide the ring over the condom though, which still could cause a rip or tear even though the risk is much smaller than it would be if you used say a metal ring. Our advice is to play it safe and to slide on the ring first, get it in to place, and then apply the condom afterwards.

How Do I Find the Right Size Pleasure Ring?

While the pleasure ring is soft and very flexible, that doesn’t mean that it is a one-size-fits-all type of product. Like any other cock ring out there, you need to get pleasure rings with the right diameter to fit yourself.

When doing so, it is important to take condoms in to consideration as well. If you use condoms, you may need to get a bigger ring than you would need if you didn’t. Getting the right size ring is essential for a great sexual experience, so make sure that you are using the right size.

What Is the Pleasure Ring? How Does It Stand up to the Competition?

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