Not Having Enough Sex? Increase Her Sex Drive!

To keep your sex life from getting boring and mundane for you and your partner, it is always a good idea to look for new sex tips. If you want to not only spice up your sex life but to have more sex, you have to know the secret in doing so. This secret is ramping up HER sex drive.

If you are a male and feel like your partner always has a lower sex drive from your partner, you are far from being alone. It is pretty common for many men to be the ones to initiate sex, and many think it’s because women simply aren’t as sexually driven as men.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.  If your lady doesn’t seem to want to have sex as often as she did, the answer to that question more than likely is that she isn’t being satisfied!

Why She Isn’t in “The Mood”

The problem here isn’t a lack of sex drive, it is that you aren’t satisfying her enough unfortunately.

Women need to experience orgasms in order to get pleasure out of sex just like men do, it really is that cut and dry. However when it comes to being able to tell whether or not she is satisfied, that is much more difficult. It is really easy for a woman to fake satisfaction by yelling, moaning or just by the action of having sex, but is she just a really good actor or is it real?

Well if she isn’t in the mood as much as she used to be, the answer to that question is pretty obvious, she’s FAKING IT. If this sounds familiar, she more than likely gets close to orgasm but you’re not quite getting there. Imagine being in her situation, always getting close but never getting all the way there. You wouldn’t want to have sex as often either if this was the case!

The sad truth is, if she is not getting orgasms when you have sex, she may seem like she is having a good time, but really is only sleeping with you just out of pity. If this is true, then she’s definitely not going to have sex often considering she is never fully satisfied.

To make things worse, if she has ever had a boyfriend or lover in the past who was able to satisfy her completely it more than likely won’t be long before she is gone. The reality is she will find someone else unless she is completely dependent on you, which isn’t a situation you or she wants to be in.

The good news for most men is that even if you are inexperienced in giving women orgasms, you are in the same boat as almost everyone else. So if you are a male, don’t be too concerned if this is you. If you are a female on the other hand,  it’s pretty pathetic!

Making Her Orgasm

On the bright side, making a woman orgasm isn’t rocket science, it is just different from a man’s body. Not being familiar with this concept is where most men fail, knowing the differences between a man’s body and a woman’s body is the key to success here. Once you become comfortable and familiar with producing an orgasm it will become so easy for you that you will be giving her multiple orgasms, even blended orgasms!

When you able to give your girl orgasms sex becomes fun and it will happen more frequently, you can be absolutely certain of that. It will be so good for her, she will be the one coming to you asking for sex!

How to Know if You’re Getting Her Off

The number one thing that you should learn from this is that your lady’s sex drive isn’t dependent on her body chemistry. Meaning that if she is giving an excuse like being tired or sick, more than likely she is full of it and is just lying to get out of sex. Her desire to have sex has everything with your ability or inability to satisfy her. This is the most important take away from this article.

As far as being able to tell whether or not she is having orgasm from sex, there are is one tell tale sign to look for. If she wants to have sex at least 4 times a week, you are doing your job. If she wants sex less than 3 times a week, you are doing something wrong. It seems really simple because it just is.

Giving The Orgasm

The easiest way to bring about a female orgasm is with stimulation of the clitoris, and a lot of it. Let’s be honest, most men don’t last nearly long enough to fully satisfy the woman they are having sex with. More often than not, you are getting off before she does,  so vaginal sex alone isn’t going to be enough for most men. Women do have the most intense orgasms from intercourse however, so obviously that is going to be her preference.

So what can we do about this problem? Well the answer is relatively simple, if you are having an orgasm before she does, introduce some foreplay in to your sex lives.

Start by giving her a foreplay orgasm every time. This is much easier to do than an orgasm through intercourse, so it is a good place to begin. Also since this is so easy that anyone can do it, there really is no excuse not to.

First you want to engage her in kissing for about 10-20 minutes to get the juices flowing.

Transition from the kiss to oral sex by first rubbing her sensitive area for a few minutes; this is a tease to delay satisfaction which will make her want you MORE.

Talk dirty to her while taking her clothes off. Begin to massage her clitoris in a circular motion, either clockwise or counter clockwise, in a gentle slow manner. Using some type of lubricant here is recommended.

Make sure that you aren’t applying too much pressure, the clitoris is a very sensitive area and too much can hurt tremendously.  Do continue to apply slight pressure though while rubbing the area, consistently doing so.

Wait for her signal to go harder. This is going to be pretty obvious, she will start pressing herself in to you.

At this point, she is all ready to go and ready to have THE BEST orgasm she has ever experienced!

Not Having Enough Sex? Increase Her Sex Drive!

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