All you need to know about Penis Size


Do you know how big your penis is? Based on our estimates, 95% of men do not know how big their penis is. It’s either they have not attempted to measure because knowing how big their penis is may validate long-withheld confidence issues, or they have not measured because of their own belief that their penis is already big. Most men overestimate the size of their erect penis. While many of us know that the average erect penis length is 5.5 inches, many would not bother measuring their penis because they believe they measure 5.5 inches or more. The truth is, most men – 91% estimate a size bigger or longer than what they actually have.


Penis measurements are actually more important than what you think. A man’s penis is not just the core of his male confidence, but also his tool for sexual function. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to know your erect penis size:


Did you know that condoms are prone to failure, and the most common reason for failure isn’t rupturing condoms, but condoms coming loose? Many males tend to over-estimate the size of their penis, and they end up buying condom sizes that are too big for their penis. When a man uses a condom size that is one or two sizes bigger than what they need, there is a huge tendency for the condom to come loose. Knowing the right size of your penis would allow you to pick the right kind of condom and prevent mishaps in the bedroom.


Knowing how big you measure on a normal day would allow you to spot changes in your body, which may indicate signs of sexual health problems. In some cases, a man’s erection size decreases, which could be causes of stenosis or occlusion in the blood flow. A smaller erection size could also be caused by a significant reduction in testosterone. In any case, knowing how you measure on a normal day would allow you to identify if there are changes in your body that may be caused by a health problem.


If you have a big penis, wouldn’t it be helpful to know that you really have a huge penis? Knowing that you have a huge penis can contribute to your sexual confidence more than what you think. To validate your own belief that you have a large penis would allow you to confidently use your penis to your advantage. If you happen to measure yourself and realize that you have a small penis, it would help to push you in the right direction to take the appropriate steps to address the issue. With the options available to you, it shouldn’t take too long before you achieve the penis size you want.


Have you observed that your erection size is not the same every time you have an erection? There would be days when your erection seems to be at its peak, and there would be moments when you can’t seem to get a proper erection no matter how hard you try. Maximizing your erection size is a lot easier than you might think. Your peak non-enhanced erection size is achieved by having your hormones and your nutrition in the right levels. That means that your testosterone is at its peak, your body fully-rested, and your blood flow is at its best. However, having all three elements going in the right direction at the exact same time,  every single time is close to impossible.

Through the help of the world’s best pro-erectile formula in Progentra, you can achieve your maximum erection size starting from the first dose. Simply take Progentra about an hour before sexual activity, and you will be able to experience the most intense erections you’ve had in your life. Progentra contains ingredients that maximize your libido through testosterone, and it also frees up your blood vessels to optimize blood flow to your penis. With Progentra in your system, you can be confident that you will have the best erections every single time.


Maximizing your erection size is a lot different from actual penis enlargement. While erection size vary on several acute factors, penis enlargement is meant to be permanent, with significant changes in the physiology of the penis. Penis enlargement is caused by a consistent increase in blood volume and pressure, which forces the elastic penile tissue to expand. The consistent increase allows the cavernous spaces in the penis to adapt to the increase, creating a permanently bigger erection size.


Progentra is the only male enhancement supplement with clinically-tested penis enlargement benefits. If you want a significant increase on your penis size, then Progentra is the only method that will help you achieve your goal.

Progentra works by dilating your blood vessels to allow more blood to the penis. The dilation in blood vessels is coupled by the effect of aphrodisiacs to normalize blood pressure, while increasing blood volume and pressure to the cavernous spaces in the penis. Aphrodisiacs also increase sexual performance, semen volume, and sexual endurance. By having longer, harder erections, the ingredients in Progentra will consistently stretch the elasticity of the cavernous spaces, making your penis bigger with every erection that you have.

Lastly, Progentra increases your sensitivity to sexual stimulus, which ultimately makes it easier to have erections. By maximizing your erections every time you have one, Progentra makes your penis slightly bigger than the last erection that you have had.

At the end of the day, it’s all about results. Men understand that penis size is important, and Progentra gives you a clear shot at having a big penis of your own. Take the first step to achieving the penis size you want by ordering Progentra today!

All you need to know about Penis Size

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