Muira Puama, scientific name ptychopetalum olacoides, is native to Brazil’s Amazon and is more commonly known as erection root and potency wood. This herb is a fast-acting ingredient that increases libido within minutes after ingestion and was first recorded in Brazil’s Pharmacopoeia in 1929. Muira Puama tastes somewhat salty and bitter and has a slight odor. A rather tall herb, Muira Puama reaches 14 feet in height and is used to support sexual health in many ways including increased sexual drive, strength, stamina, healthy erection and stress response, fertility, and mood stability.


          Before going into the benefits of this amazing ingredient, it is important to note there is a nearly identical species called Ptychopetalum uncinatum that may be used as a substitute. Purchasing the correct version, Ptychopetalum olacoides, is recommended due to its increased concentration of lupeol, when compared to the similar species.

          There are many possible causes for Muira Puama’s sexual performance benefits including relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis and the blocking of the enzyme, acetylcholinesterase. With this enzyme blocked, more blood will be directed to the penis, therefore filling the penis’s spongy tissue with blood. This tissue can grow much larger than usually seen because for many men sufficient blood flow does not reach the penis. This may be caused by constricted blood vessels or tissue in the penis. Muira Puama may increase the widening of blood vessels which will more easily fill sections of the spongy tissue to maximum capacity, leading to noticeable increases in length, size, stamina, and girth, for many men.


Muira Puama’s main purpose is as an aphrodisiac, but it was found to also increase testosterone.

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          Many of Muira Puama’s ergogenic compounds, which increase physical performance, are located in the roots and bark of this immense herb. Active ingredients such as muirapuamines, alkaloids, beta-sitosterol, long-chain fatty acids, lupeol, and coumarin contribute to increased testosterone, erections, and libido for both men and women. Libido may be enhanced through Muira Puama’s camphor oil.

          A long history of sexual health benefits is associated with Muira Puama. It has long been used as a tonic for erectile dysfunction, overall well-being, and energy. Though many find similarities between Muira Puama and Yohimbe, they have reported fewer side effects when using Muira Puama. Available in different configurations, Muira Puama may be sold medicinally as bark, extract, or root.


          To aid erectile dysfunction, Muira Puama supports higher blood flow to the groin, which boasts erections in men and orgasm and increased sensitivity in women, leading to higher satisfaction in both partners. Some studies show that its effectiveness with erectile dysfunction not only includes physical conditions but also psychological barriers. As the use of Muira Puama moves from short to long-term, increases in sex hormone production may be seen.

          In addition to Muira Puama’s benefits as an aphrodisiac, it also provides boosts in nerve stimulation, which can heighten sensitivity to sexual stimuli. This may lead to more orgasms, increased intimacy, and drastically improved satisfaction.

          Testosterone increases may stem from the sterols that naturally occur in Muira Puama, which may be the building blocks needed to create the testosterone hormone.


Pertaining to overall well-being, Muira Puama acts as a stimulant.

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          The optimal dosage may cause enhanced feelings of well-being, while a dosage that is too high may lead to feelings of restless and difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. These stimulant properties have been known to increase blood pressure, but have not been linked to adverse outcomes. In addition to overall feelings of well-being, Muira Puama has shown positive results when used to reduce the symptoms of depression. As depression causes intense sadness and apathy, the relief of these symptoms may increase libido, concern for self and others, and more satisfying sexual encounters for both the man and his partner.


          Finally, take male enhancement supplements as prescribed for your desired result, size, weight, and height. If an erection lasts longer than four hours, go to the hospital immediately, as this is a medical emergency. Resolution of prolonged erection may include surgery and must be remedied within eight hours of the start of erection to prevent damage to the penis.

          Consult with a doctor, before use, to discuss possible adverse reactions that may result from taking supplements or if medical conditions are present that could be exacerbated by the usage of Muira Puama. Update doctor of health status during regular visits to ensure enhancements are occurring and side effects, if there are any, are in line with usual outcomes.


With little side effects, fast-acting results, and a wide range of benefits, better sexual performance can be experienced with Muira Puama.




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