In case you haven’t heard, the man with the biggest penis has been identified. Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 54, from Mexico has a whopping 18.9” penis that stretches down to his knees. It weighs almost two pounds. Various pictures of Cabrera has circulated the web, and some even have x-rays to prove that his thing is real.

Cabrera says that his penis size has caused him serious discomfort and health problems. He says that his penis size has caused problems for his posture, and has even caused him pelvis problems. His monstrous member even needs its own pillow at night to alleviate the pain.

While his penis size is actually a sight to behold, it has its drawbacks as well. For one, Cabrera says that he has never penetrated a woman. The size and girth of his penis made it impossible for him to experience actual sex. There were several women who tried to have sex with Cabrera, but upon seeing his enormous penis, they declined to go for it.

Cabrera revels in the size of his penis, and takes pride in having the biggest penis in the world. Doctors have offered penile reduction surgery to allow him to have a normal sex life, but he declined. He says he likes the fame that he gets from his penis, and would not trade the fame for sex, if it gets to that. Latin culture suggests that masculinity is tied to the size of the penis, and this may be the motivating factor for Cabrera to keep his massive penis intact. He says that his ultimate goal is to move to the United States where he can meet a lot of women and preferably have a nice career as a porn star.


According to Cabrera, he has the biggest penis in the world, but the Guinness Book of Records would not recognize his size. “They say it’s not the biggest”, Cabrera said. Several doctors have tested Cabrera’s penis, and while the size and weight is actually considered to be a part of the penis, a huge portion of Cabrera’s penis – about 13 inches, is just foreskin. In actuality, only 5’5 could be considered as a part of his actual, working penis.


One doctor who studied Cabrera’s case said that Cabrera was obsessed with the size of his penis. Since he was young, he had been tying his penis down with weights in efforts to make it bigger. While it definitely changed its appearance, its actual size remains the same. The functional part of the penis pretty much remained the same, and all the penis now has is an overgrown foreskin that resembles the penis shaft.


Cabrera is not the only one in pursuit of a bigger penis. In fact, there are dozens of penis enlargement gadgets being sold online to a select group of customers. Weights and pumps are still a huge part of that market, and Cabrera’s case should serve as a warning for things to come. Using these gadgets can cause serious injury to your penis. In Cabrera’s case, he thought his penis was getting bigger, but only the foreskin grew.


The only recognized way to increase penis size is by increasing the flow of blood to the penis. This is primarily done through constant vasodilation. The idea is to increase the pressure and volume of blood to the penis in order to force the cavernous spaces in the penis to expand to accommodate the increased volume and pressure. As a result, the penis would appear longer and thicker. This way, the penis remains wholly functional, and not just the foreskin would grow in size.

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Meet the Man with the Biggest Penis

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