How to Manage Your Sex Life After Cancer-What Changes Should You Expect?

Getting cancer is something that we all dread, however it is an unfortunate reality that we must face. This is because more than a third of all the people on the planet will develop some form of cancer at some point during their lives, so it is much more of a concern than other diseases.

Cancer can be extremely debilitating depending on the type of cancer and severity, and thus can affect virtually every aspect of our lives. One of the things it affects is our sex lives, which take many people by surprise.

Some body changes can result from getting cancer as well, some temporary like hair loss from chemotherapy, others permanent as in the case of tissue removal. These changes in our body can really impact our confidence, which has a negative impact on our sex lives.

Differences in You May Experience

The changes you should expect in your sex life are going to depend on the type of cancer you or your partner had. Long term treatments more often than not have a long lasting if not permanent impact on your sex life.

Men who undergo treatment for prostate cancer and women who get treatment for reproductive organ cancers often have long term sexual problems. These include things like the inability to keep an erection for as long as you used to, or the inability to gain one at all.

Women on the other hand experience sexual issues that revolve more so around lack of enjoyment rather than inability to perform. Sex may become painful for women after cancer treatment, or they may lose sensation altogether.

Even worse is the potential loss of the ability to get pregnant or have children, as cancer can cause infertility in both men and women.

The sexual issues you experience from treatment is not only going to depend on the treatment itself, but also the emotional stress and anxiety that comes along with it. Changes in body image, depression, and anxiety are commonly reported by those who undergo cancer treatment.

What Help Can You Seek to Improve Your Sex Life?

For some people, unfortunately there isn’t too much they can do outside of reconstructive surgery. Thankfully only a small fraction of people fall into this category, as there things they can do to have a better sex life.

One option is to do Kegel exercises, as they will strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. These muscles are the ones which help control things like urination and ejaculation, and exercising them can improve a man’s sexual stamina.

For erection problems, your options are supplements, assistive devices, and worst case scenario-surgery. Surgery is going to be the most expensive option here, is painful, and will also require a recovery period where you can’t have sex.

Supplementation and help from devices if need be are excellent options as the supplements will provide you with the compounds your body needs to improve blood flow, while the devices can help assist. Natural supplements are generally safer to use and don’t tend to interfere with other medications like prescription male enhancement drugs do.

 Be Open Minded With Your Partner

If you are undergoing cancer treatment, you need to let your partner know about it. You should try and prepare yourself for the changes ahead as well, as your sex life will definitely change after cancer.

It isn’t something anyone looks forward to talking about, but the longer you wait the harder it will be to do so. Many people fear that their partner will leave them after a cancer diagnosis, however the divorce rates don’t reflect this at all.

If you are single, dating is going to change dramatically for you. The first thing you should do is take the time needed for you to accept these body issues yourself, so you can make the proper adjustments to these changes. If you don’t do so your confidence is going to take a nosedive, and it is going impact dating in a way you don’t want it to.

With this being said, don’t make cancer an excuse not to date people. You shouldn’t have to put your life on hold just because you have cancer, so don’t hold back.

Try to plan dates around activities you are comfortable doing, and places you are familiar with. This should help cut down on some of the anxiety you’ll feel when on dates after you diagnosis.

How to Manage Your Sex Life After Cancer-What Changes Should You Expect?

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