Are Male and Female Orgasms the Same? The Major Differences You Should Know

While orgasms aren’t the only things that matter when it comes to a relationship, they certainly are important. Being able to be fully satisfied by your partner is an extremely important aspect to any relationship, and not being satisfied is a reason why many people end up cheating.

Everyone experiences sex differently, each individual has their own way about getting there. With this being said there are still some major differences between men and women in regards to orgasms that simply boil down to differences in biology and anatomy.

 Most Men Have an Easier Time Getting an Orgasm Than Women

Let’s be honest here, when it comes to a man and how to get an orgasm, it is pretty straight forward. It is all about stimulating the penis, especially the most sensitive areas around it. Doing so produces an orgasm and we know this due to both the sensation and because of the ejaculate that follows-pretty easy to pull off.

The most sensitive area of the penis is the head of the penis, as it contains the most nerve endings which make it so. We would naturally think that it would work similarly with women, as the clitoris is their most sensitive area.

If this were the case, we still wouldn’t be discussing where the g-spot is and many more women would be experiencing orgasms from intercourse alone. On top of that the ejaculate produced is different as well- we still aren’t sure what the liquid women let loose during orgasms.

We Still Aren’t Sure About the Clitoris

Anatomically speaking, the clitoris is the female equivalent to the head of the penis. This area consists of thousands of nerve endings, so naturally it is a sensitive area of the body.

Just like a man’s penis size can differ among individuals, so can a woman’s clitoris. It may be true that larger ones or ones closer to the vaginal opening could  be cause for more orgasms, due to this larger network of nerves. They are not only highly concentrated in this area but also extend deep in to the body, which can induce a greater feeling of pleasure.

With this being said, not only do some men have a difficult time finding their partner’s clitoris, their partner may also have problems doing so. If a woman can’t find her own, how can her partner be expected to do so? This is another issue for some women when it comes to orgasms.

Things Usually Stop When the Guy Is Finished

For most men out there, getting ramped up and ready to go takes virtually no time. We are ready to go at a moment’s notice-and doesn’t take too much to get us there. Getting an erection is easy for a healthy man, and as we mentioned earlier getting an orgasm from this point is pretty straight forward.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case for women, as many require more time to work their way up to that point. Many guys are simply unaware of this, as this is completely different than what they experience. This in turn leaves many women unsatisfied after sex, as after the man finishes it is a done deal.

The way to solve this problem is to include more foreplay in to your sex life. It is going to depend on your partner, but you may have to slowly get her in the mood in order for her to reach the point of orgasm during sex. Take some time for both you and your partner to get to know yourselves, which can really enhance your experience.

Do Women Have Any Advantages Here Over Men?

Looking at all the factors surrounding the differences in the male versus female orgasm, it seems that everything favors the man. Orgasms are much easier to achieve for most men as opposed to women, and going about doing so is much easier as well.

Women also tend to orgasm less often during sex in general than their male partners, with more than 95% of most men reporting that they receive one every time they have sex. This is compared to 70% of women who were asked within the same poll.

It definitely seems like women are at a disadvantage here, however they do have on advantage over men. On average a woman is going to experience an orgasm for 20 seconds or longer, compared to the male average which was about 5 seconds.

The good news for all the women out there is that once you put the effort in, it is well worth it.

Are Male and Female Orgasms the Same? The Major Differences You Should Know

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