Male Enhancement Supplements-Is a Blend Better?

Going through all of the ingredients listed on your average male enhancement supplement can not only be confusing but it can become exhausting as well. Many of the ingredients listed in these products are unheard of, some of which you can barely even pronounce. Some of these products even have 20 if not more ingredients which just further adds to the confusion. Who has the time and energy to sort through them all and determine whether or not you even need some of the junk listed? So what is the solution to this problem, to go with a blend of ingredients that you aren’t really familiar with, or to try a supplement that claims to provide the same results only using one ingredient?

The first question to ask is what exactly is a male enhancement supplement that uses herbs?

Male enhancement products have existed since the dawn of mankind more than likely, some techniques we are aware of have been used for thousands of years to remedy these issues. The oldest techniques we know of originate in Ancient China and South East Asia, and how they utilized certain flowers and herbs, harnessing their power to alleviate these problems associated with sexual performance.  The roots, leaves, berries and bark of certain plants native to the region have properties associated with increased male virility which have existed for millennia.  These methods of male enhancement are also viewed as a more safe method than prescription drugs or even surgery which result in permanent effects.

Single Herb Male Enhancement

Some men like to experiment with supplements containing only one herb or compound in an effort to isolate the effects of a particular compound. This is done by people in an attempt to find out what the most effective male enhancement ingredient is, without the need to take any additional unnecessary supplements with it. This is a good idea in theory especially if the individual is worried about an adverse allergic reaction to an ingredient or is concerned with any other adverse health effects that come along with said ingredient.  One ingredient found in many male enhancement pills that has been linked to improved performance is L-arginine for example. L-arginine is involved in the production of nitric oxide, which signals cells to widen or vasodilate. This ingredient is essential in improving blood flow so it is definitely something to consider in whatever male enhancement supplement you take. It is also involved in increasing free testosterone available to the body which also influences blood flow as well.

Multiple Herb/Herb Blend Male Enhancement

Men who are looking for one pill to solve all of their sexually related problems should seek out a product that contains multiple herbs to get the job done right. Most of these products seem to be at the top of the line as far as the science and technology are concerned, a lot of time, effort and money goes in to the testing and development of these products.  A lot of these products tend to be produced by well known reputable companies as well which can add to the reassurance of getting a potent supplement that is effective. These blends undergo years of testing and reformulation to make sure that the individual is getting the precise amount of active ingredients as listed, there really is no need with these products to check the label for all the necessary ingredients. These companies do all that legwork for you, without the need for you to invest the time and energy to do so.

It is also worth considering that you may not even be aware of all of the underlying conditions that may be causing you not be performing up to your expectations. Going through all of the trial and error in trying to isolate the remedy for the issue may not be necessary, and in some cases you may simply not be able to detect what the problem is, making a blend the better option.

If you are still concerned about whether or not a supplement is safe for you to take, it is best to seek the advice of a medical professional.  Depending on what ingredients are in a particular supplement, it may cause a different outcome than you anticipate due to how these ingredients interact. In most cases however, these supplements use herb blends which are relatively harmless unless you have a severe underlying medical condition.

Male Enhancement Supplements-Is a Blend Better?

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