Male Enhancement Drug said to be in High School’s Water – Football Coach Fired after Telling Officials

        A recent investigation confirmed that a California high school had their drinking water spiked with a male enhancement drug – two students from the school spiked the water.

        This past summer, an investigation was initiated after a high school coach from Helen Bernstein High School in Hollywood came forward to tell officials about a recent incident involving two of the students. According to reports, the coach, Luis Barajas, stated that two of his junior varsity football players spiked the drinking water with a male enhancement drug. The California coach was fired shortly after.

        According to a recent article from the NY Post, the reasoning behind the immediate release of the school’s football coach was due to his inability to come to school officials sooner with the information he knew regarding the incident. According to the reports from the investigation, Coach Barajas did not tell school officials or parents that some of the football players may have drank the contaminated water. It wasn’t until two weeks after the incident that he came forward to confess the events that took place on July 12, 2018.

        Though no parents complained of the incident, the way the problem was handled was inappropriate. Luckily, the school’s police did not have to get involved due to none of the students getting sick off the spike water.

        Unfortunately, because Coach Barajas came forward with this information two weeks after the event had taken place, officials were unable to test the water to see how much of the drug was in it. An orthopedic surgeon was brought in to see if there were any way students could have been harmed during the incident. The surgeon stated that the male enhancement drug could have produced a change in blood pressure, specifically if the student was taking an additional medication with nitrates present in it, but that’s about all the drug could do.

        A spokeswoman for the school’s district came forward this week to tell the New York Times that the parents of the students were not notified immediately of what happened. Because there was no evidence found that the water was altered or that the water was drunk by students, they didn’t want to worry anyone further. In addition, the water was not tested for contamination since it was discarded of before the confession came to light.

        Coach Barajas was let go from his job at the high school on August 7, 2018. While under investigation, he was also found unable to secure a permit for practice in the state of California.

        While the school was under investigation, officials found that they had not hired an assistant coach to help Coach Barajas. In addition, the school had not made sure that all their students had grades that were good enough to play sports in the first place.

        Though the incident itself was frowned upon, it was not illegal in any way. Male enhancement drugs, such as Malegenix, are all-natural and have no ability to harm the men that ingest them. Male enhancement drugs are made to provide the male body with an increased sex drive, increased performance, and increased endurance. They are not made to alter any normal functioning of the body.

Male Enhancement Drug said to be in High School’s Water – Football Coach Fired after Telling Officials

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