How to Maintain Your Libido as You Age – Why Does It Decline?

As we continue to make advances in science and technology, we are not only able to improve the quality of our lives-but the life expectancies themselves. This means that your average person living in a western country is going to live until they are almost 80 years old-which is about 10 years longer than they would’ve lived only a decade or two ago.

Many of us know that as we age, our body continues to break down-and thus we experience more problems the older we get. One common problem that many people experience as they age is a decrease in their drive to have sex-which usually starts to happen around the age of 40 or so.

Men in particular experience a decrease in testosterone production, which has various effects on the body-including those that impact our sex lives. Testosterone is well known as the male sexual hormone, and is understandably an important one when considering male sexual health.

With this being said-there is still plenty of hope out there for men. Many factors influence our ability to produce testosterone and in turn our sexual performance and libido. There are plenty of things we can do to slow and even potentially halt this reduction in our libido as we age.

Testosterone is another hormone that we start to cut back on producing when we hit the age of 30 or so. These levels can drop dramatically over the years-of course dependant on the individual. In many cases men can see drops in testosterone levels that are so dramatic that they have only produce a small fraction of what they could back when they were younger.

If you are someone who experiences long period of fatigue, depression and general lack of energy-you may suffer from extremely low levels of testosterone. Thankfully things like supplementation and in worst case scenarios even testosterone replacement therapy can be used to remedy the problem.

Function and Sensitivity Decrease as We Age Also

While having a healthy sexual libido is an important aspect to a healthy sex life, your body has to be able to perform properly as well. Unfortunately other problems as we age include those like a decrease in sensitivity in the penis, and decreased ability to function.

How to Maintain Your Libido as You Age - Why Does It Decline?

A decrease in sensitivity as we age is another problem we want to avoid, however you can make it work to your benefit as well. Decreased sensitivity means that you are going to have to involve more foreplay in to your sex life in order to get you the stimulation that you need. Less feeling in the penis means that you should be able to last longer in bed in theory too.

As far as functioning is concerned, potential problems in regards to erectile dysfunction arise. Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual problems that many men face, one that is increasingly problematic as we age.

This has to do with our blood vessels and nervous system, both which lose some of their functionality over time. In the case of the blood vessels, as we age they lose more of their flexibility, becoming more rigid which can reduce blood flow. Reduced blood flow to the penis means a higher likelihood that the man will experience erectile dysfunction.

The best way to approach this problem is to eat a healthy diet, and to exercise regularly as well. This will help to keep your heart and cardiovascular system in the best possible shape-which will allow you to perform at your best during sex.

Another issue men face in regards to erectile dysfunction is that as we age, we aren’t able to effectively synthesize and process essential compounds that the body needs. One in particular is nitric oxide, an extremely important signaling molecule the nervous system uses to facilitate the opening or dilation of blood vessels.

The ability to open up blood vessels in the penis during stimulation is essential to getting and maintaining an erection, which nitric oxide, l-arginine and other compounds are responsible for.  Making sure you get enough of these nutrients is essential, and many men turn to natural male enhancement supplements to procure all of these nutrients that they desperately need in order to have a healthy sex life.

How to Maintain Your Libido as You Age – Why Does It Decline?

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