Maca Root, formally known as lepidium meyenii, is a cruciferous vegetable native of Peru. This light brown, turnip-shaped vegetable offers sexual health benefits including enhanced libido, healthy testosterone levels, increased fertility and erections, prostate support, and shortened refractory period.


          It is a starch, so is full of protein, fats, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber. In addition, Maca Root is brimming with vitamins such as C, B1, B2, and E, essential amino acids, calcium, zinc, and iron. With just one tablespoon of Maca Root, users can get 20 amino acids, including eight essential amino acids, which can assist with body growth, tissue repair, and food break down. As essential amino acids are unable to be produced in the body, this will greatly enhance the body’s vitality and lower stress on the digestive system.


          There are many different types of Maca Root, including red, black, and yellow, that provide different benefits for a wide range of sexual health conditions. Darker shades are high in iodine, which is a difficult-to-find substance. Research related to the Maca Root began around 30 years ago and continues to this day. With this many sexual performance enhancements, Over its 2,000-year tenure, Maca Root has established itself as a crucial component in the lives of many men. As there are so many benefits, each will be discussed in list format.


Enhanced Libido

          The majority of Maca Root’s popularity stems from its increases in sexual drive and enhanced satisfaction during sexual encounters. Maca Root is high in nutrients called macamides and macaenes that replenish every area of the body. Red Maca and Black Maca are sought after for their libido-enhancing capabilities.

Stronger Erections

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          Targeting blood circulation, Maca Root provides support for intense, and frequent, erections. Stronger erections are gained by increased blood flow to the penis’s corpus cavernosum. This section of the penis stretches from the head of the penis to the pelvic bone and contains two subsections called corpora cavernosa and corporus spongiosum. While the rest of the penis receives 10% of the blood flow, these caverns filled with spongy tissue receive the remaining 90%. As these spongy tissues are predisposed to stretch, Maca Root capitalizes on this by increasing circulation and filling the penis with as much blood as it can handle. Black Maca Root is preferred for increased erectile function.

Testosterone Levels And Energy

          While Maca Root does not include testosterone, it is known to stimulate the body to increase and regulate free testosterone and other hormones.

          Maca Root assists the body’s production of adequate testosterone levels which boosts vitality, stamina, and energy. Though Maca Root contains no stimulants, it may increase energy through stabilization of the blood glucose levels and support of adrenal health. When blood glucose spikes, the body will attempt to balance the system by producing more insulin, therefore crashing energy. If blood glucose levels remain stable throughout the day, energy will remain constant.

Increased Fertility

          Hailed as the most common use of Maca Root, enhanced fertility has also been associated with this herb the longest, for men and women. In history, the inhabitants of the high Andes of Peru utilized Maca Root to support livestock and human fertility. Black Maca is the preferred choice for increased sperm count, motility, and libido.

Prostate Health

          Maca Root may reduce an enlarged prostate, scientifically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, by preventing the binding of hormones that support prostate growth in the androgen receptors of the prostate.

Shortened Refractory Period

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          The refractory period is experienced immediately after orgasm. During this time, men are unable to achieve erection, orgasm, or sexual arousal. This is a natural process within the male’s body, most likely stemming from the need to recover from sexual encounters. While this is a part of the male’s biology, it can be a frustrating experience for both the man and his partner. Many times, shortening the refractory period will be desired so sexual relations can continue. Even if shortened refractory periods are experienced, it is important to limit back-to-back sexual encounters because of the stressors they place on the body.



Finally, when purchasing Maca Root, look for the highest brand, as lower-quality brands may contain aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is produced as Maca Root molds and may increase the risk of cancer. Signs that you have a moldy batch of Maca Root include nausea and mental fogginess after use.

When buying powdered Maca Root, buy the gelatinous variety as it does not contain antinutrients, starches, and proteins, but leaves Maca Root’s aphrodisiac properties uninterrupted. Note that the gelatinous variety is still a powder and mixes well with many types of food.

For thousands of years, Maca Root has supported the remote and harsh lives of inhabitants of the Andes. Much of these inhabitants’ diet consists of Maca Root as there are only two crops that grow effectively at those altitudes. With so many benefits a list is needed, there is little wonder why Maca Root has earned its excellent reputation.

          Consult with your doctor before use to ensure your body is prepared for a new supplement.




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