Longjack Root – Does it Increase Penis Size?

When deciding whether or not to take a male enhancement supplement, there are a vast array of things to consider.  You have to consider the manufacturer of the supplement, where the ingredients within the supplement are sourced, the ingredients found within the supplement, and how these ingredients work with your natural body chemistry in order to see the best results possible.

The problem with this is that most people have a full time job, a social life and a family to look after and simply do not have the time or energy to devote to researching all of these products or the ingredients found within them. So where is a good place to start? Like with any other food item one ingests, the best place to do so is on the nutrition label.  The types of herbs and the numerous varying combinations of these boosters within said supplements make it extremely difficult if not impossible to determine what works best alone.  Most people do not have the resources nor time to conduct the necessary research on these products so it is best that we look to the experts in determining whether or not these ingredients work.  There are many different studies performed on various herbs found within certain products.  Many of these studies are outdated and are even performed on products that have long been discontinued or are no longer available on the market.  This is also something to take in to consideration when choosing the best type of supplement for yourself,  looking at more recent studies can be much more beneficial.

The Science Behind Longjack Root ( Eurycoma Longifolia )

One ingredient in particular that is found in various male enhancement supplements is something called Tongkat Ali, eurycoma longifolia, or Longjack root. This root which is native to countries in South Eastern Asia like Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia; has been used for thousands of years in medicine to treat ailments related to sexual performance.  This root also was traditionally used to treat fatigue, high blood pressure and other ailments as well.  This power of eurycoma longifolia has been utilized by the native inhabitants of these areas for many generations yet the exact science behind how and why Longjack root works could not be pinpointed because the technology to do so didn’t exist until now.

Advances in science and technology have allowed us to isolate, better study and understand the compounds found within the Longjack root. The Longjack root contains many different types of compounds within, however one in particular that we are concerned with is eurycomanone. Eurycomanone is a compound found within the Longjack root which is linked to increased levels of serum testosterone and increased overall levels of testosterone in rats. There have also been more recent studies done with human subjects that was conducted with about 70 adult participants who suffered from hypogonadism. These patients were given a 200mg water soluble extract of Tongkat Ali for a period of one month, after which the serum levels of testosterone in 90% of patients returned to normal.

Not only have studies shown that the Longjack Root positively affects sexual performance but the increased levels of free testosterone associated with the root also positively affects other bodily processes as well. Another smaller study was conducted with 14 individuals in an intense weight training program. Seven individuals were given 100mg of the Longjack root daily, while the remaining 7 were given a placebo, or sugar pill.  The 7 individuals who were given the 100mg longjack root experienced a 5% increase in lean muscle mass, decreased fat mass and an increase in arm circumference(1.8cm) where the group given the placebo did not.

These results were also found to not be exclusive to men. A group of women who were given the same dosage 100mg Longjack root daily were found to have increased strength, muscle mass and testosterone levels as well as a result of this study.  Testosterone is not just important for men, but it is important that everyone maintains a certain level of testosterone in order to maintain proper muscle growth and repair to combat muscle atrophy.

Longjack Root Results

So what do these studies and all of this scientific gibberish mean? All of this data shows us that this extract from the Tongkat Ali plant does in fact influence the testosterone levels, or free testosterone available to the body.  Maintaining the proper levels of testosterone is important and affects many different processes within the body.  This includes sexual performance, physical ability and overall general health.  Studies have shown that individuals looking to increase testosterone levels and serum testosterone can see positive effects from certain supplements as an alternative to pharmaceuticals which come along with more severe side effects.

Even with all of these studies being performed and all of this scientific data available to us, it is still extremely difficult to discern whether or not a particular supplement brand will be effective or not.  Many products contain similar herbs, blends of herbs and even look very similar.  These blends may have differing effects on the individual depending on what else they are paired with within the supplement and how much of said ingredient the supplement contains as well. Again, the best tool we have to determine whether or not a supplement is effective is the ingredient list. We also now know that certain herbs and blends like the ones found in products like Progentra which contain potent herbs like the Longjack root are things to keep an eye out for.  The ingredients found in these supplements is where their power lies and no matter what type of fancy marketing or advertising is employed that doesn’t change those facts.  Know what is in the product you’re taking and you should find success in your search for a testosterone boosting supplement.

Longjack Root – Does it Increase Penis Size?

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