Korean Red Ginseng (Root)

Ginseng, commonly known as Asian ginseng or, even more specifically, Chinese or Korean ginseng, may look like a thin, human-shaped potato with no arms, but it provides many benefits to sexual health such as increased erectile functioning, stamina, libido, and decreased fatigue.

        Ginseng, known as the “king of herbs”, originated in the Far East. Its record of enhancements dates back as far as 3000 B.C. through inscriptions found on tortoise shells and bones. Medicinal use began around 500 A.D. and Ginseng has been used throughout Korea, China, and other regions of similar inhabitants, since then.

        A high-quality variant produced from this magnificent plant, scientific name Panax Ginseng, is the Korean Red Ginseng. Currently, there are three ginseng plants, two of which are true ginseng plants. These plants include the Asian, Korean, or Chinese ginseng, the American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), and the Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), which is not a true ginseng plant.

        Studies have shown differences between the Asian and American ginsengs, namely stimulating vs sedating effects, respectively. Asian ginseng contains more Rg1 ginsenosides, i.e. has more yang, while the American ginseng has an increased amount of Rb1 ginsenosides, i.e. has more yin.

The sexual health benefits of Korean Red Ginseng are numerous and each will be outlined below.

Increased Erectile Functioning

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Ginsenosides have been shown to increase penile erections by relaxing the smooth muscles of the penis’s corpus cavernosum and dilating the blood vessels. This is a two-fold process that leads to increases in the erection’s girth, length, and sustainability. The majority of the penis is made from spongy, highly expandable, tissue called the corpus cavernosum. Within the corpus cavernosum are two subsections called the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum. Unlike the concept of large amounts of free time and work, the corpus cavernosum only fills in relation to the amount of blood flow. In many men, these cave-like sections are insufficiently filled due to constricted blood flow or inability of blood to enter the penis, resulting in poorer erection sustainability, lower confidence, and smaller erection. Through Korean Red Ginseng’s ability to widen the arteries and relax the muscles of the penis, more blood flow is directed to the penis and allowed to enter. Due to Korean Red Ginseng’s herbal nature and, most often, reduced side effects, this may help apprehensive men try this supplement rather than rail against taking medications.

Ejaculation Or Orgasm

There are three overarching categories of difficulties with ejaculation – premature, inhibited, and retrograde. Premature ejaculation occurs within a short period after erection. Inhibited leads to little, or slow, ejaculation, and retrograde causes sperm to flow back to the bladder rather than exiting through the urethra. These are troublesome events but can be remedied. Though it is believed throughout the Western world that ejaculation and orgasm go together, this is not the case. Ejaculation can occur without orgasm. For instance, men who have been paralyzed can achieve ejaculation without sensation or orgasm. Oftentimes, men who learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation may experience multiple orgasms and continued firmness of erection during the same sexual encounter.

Korean Red Ginseng can also lead to increased sperm and motility. During each ejaculation, if sperm count is less than 20 million than that ejaculation is considered to be incapable of supporting procreation. In regards to motility, Korean Red Ginseng may straighten the spiraled trajectory of sperm traveling to the woman’s ovum, therefore returning the sperm’s path to its regular, straight, state.

Providing a plethora of other benefits related to erectile dysfunction, Korean Red Ginseng may lower blood sugar levels, leading to sustained erections; regulate the hypothalamus, increasing testosterone which may fight the stress hormone, cortisol; and reduce depression, leading to higher levels of libido, sexual desire, motivation, and increased pleasure in sexual encounters and life, in general.

Libido Boosts

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Korean Red Ginseng is an adaptogenic aphrodisiac. Though there are many groups of ginseng available throughout the world, it contains multiple groups of saponins and ginsenosides, which increase its ability to target a variety of sexual and non-sexual health issues.

When purchasing Korean Red Ginseng or supplements that contain Korean Red Ginseng, it is recommended to look for matured herbs, as the younger roots may not provide enough potency to support benefits, fully. To assist your needs, supplements that include Korean Red Ginseng are made with root extracts procured from plants that have been growing for six years.


Discuss all new supplements, or dosage changes, with your physician. While taking sexual health supplements it is also recommended to get eight hours of sleep, reduce stress, consume more vegetables and vitamins A and E, and enjoy the experience of sex with undivided attention. Maintaining eye contact is another excellent way to boost intimacy.

Korean Red Ginseng (Root)

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