Jiftip the New Contraceptive Alternative – Is It Better Than a Condom?

There is a new contraceptive that has just hit the market under the name of Jiftip, which is an alternative to wearing a condom. This method involves putting a sticker like object over the tip of the penis instead of going around the entire shaft like in the case of a condom.

The benefit here is that users experience a more natural, more pleasurable experience than what they would with a condom while at the same time getting protection from contracting STDs. Seems like a no brainer right? Well how safe is this product exactly?

First let’s explore why a condom works

it provides a protective barrier around the penis to protect both partners from contracting STDs. It does this while at the same time letting the male ejaculate naturally, catching the ejaculate.

This differs from the Jiftip in that the Jiftip is designed to be used “as a backup for pullouts” according to the website. This means that you are expected to stop having sex, pull out, and remove the Jiftip before you let the juices flow. This is a little unrealistic and can potentially cause a backflow of sperm in to your bladder and prostate, which is not only extremely painful, but can cause issues like STIs according to sex health experts.

On top of that, there really isn’t much evidence supporting the claims that this product can protect you from STDs. Remember this product is only protecting the tip of the penis, which is most definitely not the only area vulnerable to infection. The rest of the head and the shaft remain unprotected, which is definitely something to consider when trying to reduce your chances of infection.

As far as reducing pregnancies, it may not be too effective there as well. Another great aspect of condoms is that they are tested to withstand the pressure and force that comes from the ejaculate.

Why Jiptip has Problems

Jiftips on the other hand have the potential to come off during sex, defeating the whole purpose of wearing them in the first place. It is also worth mentioning that the jiftip has no reservoir to catch the sperm, making spill overs and the Jiftip itself coming off that much more likely.

To sum it all up, there really is no reason to buy these things. There is nothing proving how effective they are, can still cause you to get STDs and don’t prevent pregnancies either.

What exactly is the point of it then? You would get the same effectiveness from putting a piece of scotch tape over your penis, and for a fraction of the cost. This has to be one of the worst “contraceptives” on the market.

Jiftip the New Contraceptive Alternative – Is It Better Than a Condom?

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