Health Problems Don’t Mean That You Can Never Have Sex Again

Any type of sickness can have a negative effect on our sex lives if we let it. Even something as harmless as a simple cold can cause us to feel fatigued and weak, destroying our libido and stamina along with it.

Depending on the illness and how bad it is, it can have a severe impact on our sex lives. This is especially true for people who have issues like arthritis, which is a pretty common problem that comes with age. Arthritis makes it painful just to move our joints in some cases, so it of course people aren’t going to be in the mood if they’re suffering from these ailments.

Not being able to have sex, or the act of having sex causing pain results in many of these people feeling depressed and saddened. This in turn further reduces their confidence, causing feelings of inadequacy and further reducing their ability to perform.

Don’t Give Up on Having Sex Again

Many men who suffer from sickness just give up on sex altogether. This is more often than not caused by the individual psyching themselves out; they have convinced themselves that they are incapable of doing so.

Living in fear like this not only with have negative effects on your sex life, but your overall health as well. Exercise can help these patients benefit by reducing their pain so don’t be afraid of exerting yourself some.

Many of our doctors are at fault as well. When people go to the doctor for minor ailments and complain of aches and pains, the doctor reinforces them by advising them to limit their physical activity including sex. In some cases the doctor may advise you to never have sex again.

If your doctor told you that you can never have sex again it was probably done in caution. Do not give up hope, go to another doctor for a second opinion to see if you can have sex or exercise. They should be able to tailor an exercise program just for your needs to help you further.

Remember, science is always evolving and the unfortunate truth is that not everyone, even our medical professionals keep up to date. Your doctor may just be old fashioned and not believe the new breakthroughs, or your doctor may just be lazy and unaware.

You may have to limit how often you have sex, but the vast majority of people do not need to and should not eliminate sex from their lives altogether.

In some cases, your illness may make it impossible for you to have sex in certain positions. This is a common issue many people face, especially those with arthritis for example. If this is you, just find a comfortable position and go with that. It is going to take some trial and error to determine what positions are going to be painful and which aren’t, so experiment.

For some, the solution is as easy as not having sex as often or toning down the intensity of sex. This is a situation no one wants to be in, but it is not the end of the world either. You and your partner can still have enjoyable fulfilling sex with the right adjustments.

Health Problems Don’t Mean That You Can Never Have Sex Again

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