Hawthorn (Berry)

Hawthorn, formally called Crataegus laevigata or Crataegus monogyna, is native to Asia and Europe and is known for its ability to strengthen the heart, reduce atherosclerosis, and dilate blood vessels.


        This herb has many informal names, including “the heart herb”, Aubépine, mayblossom, Aubépine Blanche, Aubépine Épineuse, whitehorn, Bianco Spino, Bois de Mai, Cenellier, Chinese Hawthorn, and many others.

        Unlike many herbal plants, the fruits, flowers, and leaves are all used medicinally. These sweet and sour, tiny, red, berries were used by Native Americans to combat gastrointestinal issues and heart ailments. Hawthorn berries are full of flavonoids such as oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), which may boost serotonin, the immune system, and lower inflammation.

        Other compounds within Hawthorn berries are quercetin, rutin, acantolic acid, pentacyclic triterpenes, vitamin B1, B2, and C, Iron, proanthocyanidins, and calcium, to name a few. Hawthorn berries come from hundreds of different species. Currently, Hawthorn is an official drug in Hungary, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, China, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, and France. Hawthorn berries provide a plethora of benefits to both the sexual and overall health.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that Hawthorn berries lower diastolic blood pressure. Hawthorn berries may also benefit the heart by strengthening the heart muscles, therefore allowing the heart to pump more blood through the body, including the penis. This could lead to erections that are bigger, harder, and last for a longer period than previously experienced. Lower blood pressure can increase sexual health due to less concern with overall health.

Increases Health Of Blood Vessels

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Hawthorn berries’ bioflavonoids may assist with the dilation of both the coronary and peripheral blood vessels, leading to improved blood flow to the heart. Reduction of plaque in the vessels, or atherosclerosis, can ensure oxygen-rich blood reaches the heart. In addition, Hawthorn berries’ proanthocyanidins may reduce tension within the blood vessel’s walls. These advantages can discourage chest pain and promote sexual satisfaction making it an common ingredient in male enhancement pills.

Anxiety Reduction

Hawthorn berries may be able to benefit hormonal balances, leading to reduced anxiety. In addition to lowering overall stress, increasing responsiveness to new experiences, lowered anxiety may cause better sexual performance. Oftentimes, anxiety-ridden sexual encounters can be frustrating for the man and his partner. He may become distracted as he worries about his penis size, appearance, ejaculation, and erection maintainability rather than focusing on his partner. His thoughts will remain self-focused and he may miss body language that will increase his partner’s satisfaction. High levels, or chronic, anxiety can be hard on the body and life. Symptoms such as racing heart, avoidance, and ruminating thoughts can all reduce mood and place undue stress on organs of the body and the cognitive ability. Reduced anxiety can directly affect the pleasure of sexual encounters.

Reduced Cholesterol

Difficulties with erectile dysfunction may be caused by high cholesterol, as this condition causes the buildup of fatty deposits in the blood vessels. With less blood flow, not only can stroke and heart attack result, but the penis will be unable to grow as large as it is able had it been provided sufficient blood flow. Penile erections are supported through spongy tissues that fill with blood. These tissues have a remarkable ability to expand. When sufficient blood is diverted to the penis it will grow in diameter, length, and strength.

Increases Energy

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Hawthorn berries are filled with antioxidant compounds that combat free radicals. These harmful molecules result in cell death, altered cell membranes, and difficulties with DNA. Free radicals are a known cause of premature aging and heart disease, all of which lead to poorer sexual performance and lowered confidence.

In addition, Hawthorn berries may cause expansion of the coronary blood vessels, leading to increases in blood circulation throughout the entire body. As the body becomes oxygenated, it will produce higher levels of alertness and energy, particularly in cognitive skills, metabolism, and physical ability. Increased energy in both the body and mind support sexual health due to enhanced stamina, attention to the partner’s needs and wants, exercise, and mood. With all of these benefits, increased sexual satisfaction is bound to occur.


Discussing new additions to your daily medication regimen with your physician is highly recommended. Your physician can assist you with the proper dosages and frequencies that will support both your lifestyle and overall health. Maintain regular appointments to monitor the effectiveness of your supplements, any difficulties when they are combined with other medications, and your overall health. Notify your physician if you experience possible side effects or you want to make any changes in the dosage.

Hawthorn (Berry)

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