Are You Good Enough in Bed? How to Know If You’re Satisfying Your Partner

Asking the question as to whether or not they are doing a good enough job in the bedroom is a question many men think about. If you are one of these people who is questioning their ability, you already have a problem.  Whether your performance isn’t up to par or if it is just a lack of confidence, it is going to affect not only how your view yourself, but your performance also.

Although this seems very complicated, it usually is rooted in something rather simple-is she faking it or not when she’s having an orgasm? Even the most experienced guys out there have problems determining this one way or another, so naturally less experienced men are going to have even more difficulty here.

The underlying issue here is that we aren’t 100% sure in whether or not our partners are satisfied. You can never really tell if she’s faking or not, even on your best day.

This doesn’t even take in to account all of your “off days” when you felt low energy, or just weren’t in the mood. In some cases you may have been in a situation where you weren’t able to perform at all-which is obviously extremely embarrassing. If you are uncertain of your performance at your best, then you most definitely are fearful of your performance when you aren’t at your best.

This is a clear problem that can easily erode a man’s self esteem, which can have a domino effect if it isn’t resolved quickly. Being unsure of yourself is going to eventually lead you to believe your partner isn’t being satisfied, and when someone isn’t satisfied they start looking elsewhere.

Losing all of your confidence and self esteem because of a slip up or two is a horrible reality-yet one that is very possible due to performance issues in bed. It is one that will inevitably lead to problems in your relationship in one form or another, so we should do all that we can to keep our confidence levels high.

How Can You Boost Sexual Performance and Confidence?

The one thing that influences all aspects of our sex life and our lives in general is stress. Unfortunately we can’t control every aspect that contributes to our stress, however there are plenty we can do to reduce these levels as well.

The pressure to perform in the bedroom now is higher than ever, mainly due to all the medications, gadgets and other tricks available to help improve a man’s performance. The problem with these tools are just that though, they are tools which many men rely on to have a healthy sex life.

They are just masking the problem of stress itself, which can be reduced through more natural means. A man should consider other healthier options to reduce their stress levels and thus improve their sexual performance. A change in diet and help through supplementation are the best ways in which to do so.

In case it isn’t obvious yet, the key here is to reduce your stress levels-which in turn will boost your confidence and performance as a result. The first thing you should do is to cut out known stressors from your life-those which you have control over.

Sometimes these stressors can be the foods we eat, our habits, or just the company that we keep. Making sure that you are eating a healthy diet consisting of whole foods is one very effective way to reduce stress. Some of the foods we eat like dark chocolate for example contain antioxidants and other compounds which help to reduce stress.

Other things we can do to relieve stress are activities that involve some sort of exercise. Exercise is going to keep you in better shape by burning off all those calories which we all are aware of, however it helps reduce stress as well. Go out to the sporting goods store and buy a heavy bag if you aren’t really about exercise, and give it some good shots the next time you are aggravated-believe it or not it can make a huge difference in your stress levels.

Supplementation is key for many people also, as most of us just aren’t getting all of the nutrients we need from our diets. Remember to include healthy fats in your diet like those from avocados, nuts and seeds as they are important in producing hormones-and reducing our stress levels.

Are You Good Enough in Bed? How to Know If You’re Satisfying Your Partner

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