Glans Rings and Stimulation-Can This Device Help to Enhance Your Experience?

Cock rings are popular tools used by many people to improve their sexual experience. These devices help to keep the blood where you want it to be, and help you last longer. They can also increase the intensity of your orgasms as well, depending on the device you use.

With that being said cock rings neglect a huge area of your manhood, and arguably the most sensitive area. This is of course the glans, otherwise known as the head of the penis. Glans rings however are designed for stimulation, and not just for the user but their partner as well.

Glans rings are designed to wrap around the head of the penis in a similar manner that a cock ring wraps around the penis. This is because it is designed to keep more blood in the head, making it more firm, and also increasing sensitivity. This tool can really improve your sex life if you know how to use it and hit the right spots.

The terms cock ring and glans rings are used interchangeably by many people, however it is important to realize that they are not one in the same. Using a cock ring around the head of your penis instead of a glans ring is a good way to get it stuck-and may result in a trip to the emergency room.

Are Glans Rings One Size Fits All?

Just like with cock rings, finding a properly fitting glans ring is essential. They vary in size and this difference can be huge depending on which ones you buy. It may sound ridiculous but go ahead and measure yourself beforehand to make sure you get the correct size, as it is well worth the trouble.

If you aren’t sure how to do so, all you need is a marker, a piece of string, and a ruler. Take the string, wrap it around your head and make a marking. Take the string over to the ruler, measure and you are done. Make sure to measure yourself when you are both flaccid and erect to get the proper size range.

After this, you are going to have to perform some minor math to get the correct size. Just take your measurements, divide by 3.14 and round to the nearest number. The reason we have to do this is extra step is because these rings are sold based on their measurements by ring diameter, and not the length of the ring itself.

Doing this little bit of work beforehand can take all the guesswork out of getting the right size, and might save you from some pain as well.

What Is the Best Way to Use a Glans Ring?

The most comfortable and effective way to put a glans ring on is with lubricant, and when you are erect. Doing so beforehand can make it so the ring gets displaced or moves when you do can an erection, causing for readjustment.

glans ring

Using lubricant while you’re hard is going to make the ring slide on snugly, but should do so with limited friction and no pain. These rings are generally solid, however you should be able to move them on and off with little to no trouble. You want a nice firm grip, but not to where you are strangling yourself.

What Other Benefits Are There to Using a Glans Ring?

Besides all the extra stimulation both you and your partner will feel, using a glans ring will help to delay ejaculation as well. This is another reason why the proper fit is important, as a properly fitting ring is going to provide you with more pleasure and help you last longer. A ring that is too tight or fits too loosely certainly isn’t going to feel good after awhile.

glans ring

Glans rings are also popular among people who use other cock rings as well, as using both of these can greatly amplify their sexual experience. Adding more weight and pressure points is of course going to improve the man’s experience, but his partner’s as well.

Another huge benefit to these rings are that they are inexpensive, especially when you compare them to other toys on the market. If you are on the fence about them it won’t break the bank, so give them a try!

Glans Rings and Stimulation-Can This Device Help to Enhance Your Experience?

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