Gingko Biloba (Leaf)

        Gingko Biloba, native to many parts of the world, including Korea, Japan, and China, is most-known for its cognitive benefits. A lesser known function of Gingko Biloba is its support for erectile dysfunction, increased libido, and vasodilation. Scientifically known as Salisburia adiantifolia, this herb is prescribed throughout Germany.

        Around the world, Gingko Biloba has many names including Abricot Argente, Japonais, Bai Guo Ye, and Fossil Trees. It is well-established in its ability to enhance memory in Alzheimer’s, or to turn a forgetful, scatterbrained person into a less forgetful, somewhat scatterbrained person.

        The Gingko Tree, nicknamed the maidenhair, may grow to 130 feet and live for 1,000 years, though it is rumored some trees in China have reached 2,500 years of age. The current species of Ginkgo is the last of its kind, as all others are extinct.

        Not to be limited to just memory, Gingko Biloba may also reduce headaches, vertigo, dizziness, concentration, mood lability, and even hearing difficulties. Two phytochemicals that boost the potency of Gingko Biloba are flavonoids and terpenoids. Flavonoids found in the leaves of the Gingko tree include kaempferol glycoside, ginkgolides A, B, C, J, and M, quercetin glycoside, and bilobalide.

        Through their powerful antioxidant properties that reduce cell damage from free radicals, these compounds can increase energy and reduce age-related illnesses by fighting the progression of oxidative stress. In addition, flavonoids provide protection for the blood vessels, heart muscles, and nerves, while terpenoids dilate the blood vessels and decrease the “stickiness” of platelets. Both of these qualities lead to improved blood flow.

Enhances Erectile Function And Libido

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Gingko Biloba targets erectile dysfunction through its ability to regulate blood circulation and dilate blood vessels. With increased blood flow and expanded blood vessels, the penis’s spongy tissues will fill with more blood, creating a larger, harder, and longer-lasting erection that will increase satisfaction during sexual encounters. Not only will dilated blood vessels increase the size and performance of the erection, it will also lower the strain on the heart, allowing more nutrient-rich, oxidated, blood to flow through the body and into the penis. In addition, Gingko Biloba may also increase nitric oxide, leading to relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis and replenishing of the arteries’ linings. Together, these changes also support blood flow to the penis, resulting in more powerful erections.

Some studies found that Gingko Biloba may decrease sexual difficulties associated with antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction, which may have been caused by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Before combining Ginkgo Biloba and anti-depressants, speak with your doctor.

This natural herb could reduce the amount of men who stop taking their depression medications due to issues with their sexual performance. Gingko Biloba may allow these men to experience enhanced mood and erectile function.

Many of these positive effects after taking anti-depressants have been known to benefit women as well. Through increased sexual desire and more intense orgasms, Gingko Biloba may lead to satisfaction for both men and women.

Increases Positive Mood

Gingko Biloba has been shown to positively affect hormonal imbalances, including blood pressure, serotonin levels, and circulation. By increasing serotonin, Gingko Biloba may boost positive mood and alleviate negative emotions such as anxiety and depression.

Boosts Energy For Most Men

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Through Gingko Biloba’s ability to increase production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), many men see enhanced energy because ATP is the primary source of energy at the cellular level. When stimulated by Gingko Biloba, increases in activity may be seen within the brain and body. Increased energy could lead to boosts in workplace and sexual satisfaction. When success is experienced in these areas, confidence, excitement, and increased desire may result.

Combats Symptoms Of Depression And Anxiety

Gingko Biloba has proven to be an adaptogen herb, which means it is able to increase the body’s ability to handle worry and trouble. By reducing stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, Gingko Biloba can lower generalized anxiety and apprehension related to sexual performance issues such as difficulty becoming erect, ejaculating, and low sexual desire. With fewer symptoms of decreased motivation and apathy the intimacy can be discovered once more.


Gingko Biloba should be avoided by men or women who:

♦    Have epilepsy

♦    Take blood thinners

♦    Breastfeed or are pregnant

♦    Have diabetes (consult with physician first)

♦    Are taking SSRIs, i.e. Prozac, Fluoxetine, Zoloft, etc.

In addition, Gingko Biloba should not be given to children.

Discuss new supplements with your physician before starting use. He/she will ensure medications can be combined safely and advise of the proper dosages and frequencies that will offer the most benefit.

Gingko Biloba (Leaf)

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