Five Major Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

The thought of your significant other cheating on you is something that eats away at every man. These thoughts aren’t just paranoia, the unfortunate truth is that people do cheat on their partners, even if they’re married.

There are even dating sites specifically geared towards people who are married and are looking for a little something extra on the side. Many of these sites have member counts that go in to the millions, so to say that your suspicions are unfounded is just not true.

The average cheater when it comes to those who are married usually do so within the first 7-8 years of marriage. This means that for most of us we need to start looking out for warning signs when we hit our mid to late thirties.

The good news is that like many men, there are plenty of women out there that simply won’t cheat on their man out of respect and dignity. The idea here is to just be aware of the possibilities and to know what to look out for.

#1-She Has Hit a Big Milestone in Her Life

When we hit a big milestone in our live whether it be a 30th birthday, or graduation from professional school we tend to reflect back on our lives. This is a time where people think “what if…”.

Birthdays are especially so, where most people reassess their lives and change course if they aren’t fully content on how things have gone so far.

The key here is to be there, it is simple as that. The temptation to cheat on you on a big birthday, or an emotional holiday like New Years from being alone can be eliminated just be you being there.

Keep in mind that it is her birthday, so go with the flow and make it about her.

#2-She’s Changing Careers or is Being Promoted

Most people plan their lives around making short term goals, and once we hit those goals the next obvious question is “what next”?

After your partner has made significant progress in her professional life the next obvious goal to tackle is one that revolves around her personal life which will obviously involve you.

The sad truth here is that women who make more money tend to cheat more, period. This is even more true among couples where the woman makes more than the man. If your girl got promoted and is now making more than you, she is going to expect you to work hard and to do the same.

The best thing you can do if you are in this situation is to brag about her as much as possible. She is going to look for praise and attention because of her accomplishments, so make sure she is getting more than enough from you. If not, she will definitely be looking elsewhere for that emotional support.

#3-You’re Moving in Together

More together time means more downtime in conversation, there are going to be times where you just run out of things to talk about which can lead to plenty of awkward silence.

On top of that not filling in all of that dead time with chatter can lead her to believe that you are uninterested in her because you aren’t talking all the time.

If she thinks that the relationship is stagnant because of this perceived disinterest she is going to look elsewhere. By and large most women are looking for two things out of a long term relationship, that being marriage and children.

If they don’t think the relationship is moving in that direction, they’re going to move on. Prevent this from happening by being open with her and sharing your long term goals when it comes to marriage, children and the like.

#4-She’s Looking To Get Out of the Relationship

Sometimes it is too late and the damage as already been done. Your girl wants out of the relationship and some think that cheating is a good means to end it. Cheating is one of the top reasons why couples break up so it is an easy out.

If you think this is your girl and you are stuck in this situation there is really nothing you can do about it, it’s over. Try to not be upset though because people who end relationships like this tend to be the types you don’t want to keep around for long anyway.

#5-She Wants More Sex

This is every man’s dream problem, their girlfriend is unhappy in their relationship because she isn’t getting enough sex. The obvious simple solution here is to have more sex.

Be open with her and even ask her directly what exactly she wants out of the relationship to smooth out the rough edges. Keep lines of communication open so that she doesn’t go looking for sex from the next guy.

Five Major Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

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