Finishing Too Soon In Bed? Learn How to Delay Your Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a problem many men face, however pinpointing exactly what constitutes as premature ejaculation is difficult. This is because there a number of things you have to consider.

Some women are perfectly fine with only having sex for a few minutes, probably because they climax quickly themselves. On the other hand there are women out there who aren’t satisfied unless they’re having sex for at least half an hour.

It all comes down to preference, are both you and your partner satisfied during sex? If not, there are a few things you can do to remedy the issue.

Know the Signals, Get Familiar with Your Body

The key to delaying ejaculation is becoming familiar with your body and being able to recognize the situation before it is too late. Our bodies give us signals which we can use to our benefit in delaying ejaculation.

We all know the feeling when we are just about to climax, and this is called the point of no return for good reason. Our body then signals our ejaculatory muscles to expel the seminal fluid,  once you feel this sensation it’s all over and there is no turning back.

There is nothing we can do to stop ejaculation at this point so recognize the signals before you get there.

Pay attention to the physical sensations you are feeling and adjust accordingly to avoid finishing too early.

One technique many people use that is effective is to think of something else. You don’t want to have the opposite effect either so try not to think of something too gross. If you don’t know what to think of just try thinking of your favorite hobby, or a television show which can easily pop in to your head.

Another technique which is very effective is to change the angle in which you are thrusting. The object here is to have as little sensation in the head of your penis, which is the most sensitive part. This means shorter or longer thrusts, changing the angle in which you are thrusting or speeding up or slowing down the rate of thrusting.

The object here again is to do what is comfortable for your body. This may change from time to time so just listen to the signals your body is sending you and adjust accordingly.

Slow Down, Take Breaks if Necessary

If you are not having success with the other methods here, try stopping intercourse intermittently to prevent premature ejaculation. You can do this by transitioning to kissing, toys or other type of play until you feel ready to have sex again.

This can prolong the sexual experience making it better for both you and your partner. Don’t worry about losing your erection, you should have no problem getting it back with some quick stimulation.

Remember, premature ejaculation isn’t the sign of failure and is in fact a problem that can be easily corrected. Premature ejaculation is usually the result of just being nervous or not having intercourse for a long period of time, both which can be resolved with practice.

You just need to recognize what is going on with your body before you reach the point of no return where it is too late. Over time you will become more familiar with your body, be able to recognize these signals more easily resulting in better sex for you and your partner.

Finishing Too Soon In Bed? Learn How to Delay Your Ejaculation

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