Epimedium Extract (Leaf)

        Epimedium is known by many names, but is often called “Horny Goat Weed”. This versatile, well-established herb can be harvested from a variety of the species of the epimedium plant, including epimedium grandiflorum, brevicorum, or sagittatum, and is available in many Asian countries including Japan, China, and Korea.

        Epimedium is also known as yin yang huo, fairy wings, randy beef grass, barrenwort, and brain tonic of the immortals, among many others. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Epimedium extract has been used for 2,000 years. Currently, the Western world has adopted Epimedium extract and used its ingredients to create many male enhancement supplements that aim to, primarily, solve erectile dysfunction.

        Other advantages related to the usage of Epimedium extract include boosts in libido and reduced fatigue. The main active ingredient in Epimedium extract is icariin. Five of the known species of the Epimedium plant are recorded and mass-produced as supplements geared toward men’s sexual health using icariin, a natural chemical that targets erectile dysfunction.

Erection Protection

Epimedium extract increases healthy erection of the penis through its main ingredient, icariin. Icariin is a PDE 5 inhibitor. Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) blocks nitric oxide formation, which is the building block of erections, and cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). Nitric oxide is created by the endothelium, or lining of the blood vessels, and has many functions within the body.

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The endothelium is acutely sensitive to changes in the body’s physical and chemical makeup. When more exercise and lower cholesterol is detected, the endothelium produces more nitric oxide, leading to even wider expansion of the blood vessels. Not only does this increase the amount of blood flow to the penis, but it decreases plaque build-up and blood clotting.

As erections can only occur due to blood filling the penile tissue, Epimedium extract promotes positive changes in the diameter, length, strength, and sustainability of erections. Blocked PDE 5 may also result in increased testosterone, which can boost mood and sexual satisfaction. Responsible for more than just erectile benefits, Epimedium extract also boosts libido, lowers stress, and enhances overall health which makes it a common ingredient in male enhancement pills.

Large Boosts In Libido

Epimedium extract is a natural aphrodisiac and may reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. Epimedium extract’s desmethylicaritin and anhydroicaritin are known to increase sexual drive, though in a different manner than caritin. Icariin may mimic natural testosterone, which may enhance libido.

Less Stress, Increased Sexual Encounters

Every man’s ability to perform chain-sexual performance is disrupted by his refractory period. Some man’s refractory period can last up to 15 minutes, while others may last for a few days. The refractory period occurs after orgasm and, being the laid back, non-partying type, blocks the man from orgasm, erection, and sexual arousal. At this point, the man may either sleep or initiate conversation.

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Though the refractory period is natural and always waiting in the shadows of the room, due to the man’s biology, it can be frustrating for both the partner and the man. But, to further the metaphor, the refractory period’s duty is to be a good friend. Most likely, it accompanies him during every foray to ensure he rests himself. The man is not the Energizer bunny nor does he possess the energy of the sun and so he must rest after exerting himself during each sexual encounter.

Epimedium extract works to place the refractory period back in the shadows, sooner. By shortening the refractory period, sexual relations can begin anew, much faster. While this may seem beneficial to the man and his partner, having an extremely short to nonexistent refractory period could lead to exhaustion, or worse, for the man, as he does not get to properly rest. When taking Epimedium extract it is important to factor in the man’s overall health and need to rest. Sexual encounters do not need to be gorged upon but savored in all of their magnificence. The intimacy procured from sexual relations can be reignited in 15 minutes or a few days. Take care when shortening the refractory period.


Epimedium extract is an amazing addition to many men’s daily regimen. With its variety of methods to enhance erectile functioning, this herb can increase the penis’ appearance and overall performance.

As with other products, consult with your doctor before starting this supplement. Through an open, honest discussion you can highligh your needs, intended outcome, and potential side effects. While Epimedium extract is not known to lead to many complications, every person is different and may experience varying results. 

Epimedium Extract (Leaf)

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