Enlarge Your Penis Size With The Rotation Stretch

What is the Rotation Stretch?

The rotation stretch is a penis enlargement exercise which is rather easy to perform, which comes at a very low risk or injury to yourself. This is a type of stretch that every man should know because of the benefits it provides with minimal risk.

If you are looking for that extra edge in the bedroom that comes at no cost and little time investment on your part, the rotation stretch is just what you are looking for.

How Does The Rotation Stretch Work?

The rotation stretch is performed by pulling the penis in all directions, by stretching the penis outward in a circular movement. This exercise is extremely effective because you are pulling your penis in a circle, or 360 degrees which works the entire penis and all of the tissues it contains.

In order to see the best results, make sure you are performing this stretch consistently, equally applying the same pressure in force in all directions.

How Do I Do The Exercise?

First, take your penis and bring it to the appropriate erection level. You do not want to be fully erect nor do you want to be fully flaccid to make the best out of this stretch. Shoot for around 50% of your full erection size to start.

Second, retract your foreskin if you have any, and grab the penis right behind the glans, or head. Do this with an “ok” grip, where you make a circle with your thumb and index finger touching at their tips. You can keep your other fingers on your penis as well but do not grip tightly with them.

Third, slowly, gently and firmly pull your penis upwards until you get a comfortable stretch.

Fourth, while maintaining the stretch, move the penis in a circular motion consistently. You can either start going clockwise or counterclockwise, it makes no difference.  Just make sure when you go back to go equally in the other direction to maintain equal consistency.

Fifth, while pulling maintain the stretch while pulling your hand as close as you can to your body. This ensures that you are getting the maximum stretch possible.

Sixth, finish one circle in one direction which will be either counterclockwise or clockwise. Go back to the fourth step and repeat in the opposite direction, with your other hand. If you really are getting tired you can alternate your hands during each repetition.

Seventh, repeat the exercise as necessary to maximize your penis length as a result.

What Benefits Will I See From Rotational Stretching?

The main benefit you will see from doing this exercise is increased penis length. The key to getting the most benefit from this exercise is to do it regularly and on a consistent basis if possible.

If you are making this part of your routine, you will see the most benefit in increased penis size.

Keep in mind though that you do not want to injure yourself, so if you are experiencing pain or discomfort as a result of performing this exercise, you should stop immediately.

Go talk to your doctor if you injure yourself because you can potentially do permanent damage if the injury isn’t treated properly and promptly.

Enlarge Your Penis Size With The Rotation Stretch

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