Effective Ways to Treat Low Sex Drive Naturally

Lack of a sex drive is a problem that negatively affects a significant portion of men and women. Millions of men and women suffer from a lack of sex drive, as research has shown upwards of @0% of men and 40% of women suffer from this issue.

While libido is something we should expect to decrease naturally as we age, it isn’t a problem exclusive to the elderly population. Age is just one of many factors that influence sex drive including stress, medications, mental health, hormonal imbalance or other issues.

The fact that low libido can be influenced by so many different factors makes tackling this problem difficult as the proper treatment needed can differ from individual to individual. With that being said, the good news out there is that you are far from being alone if you suffer from this issues, and that there are plenty of treatment options available.

Why Do So Many People Suffer from Low Libido?

The problem as to why a man or a woman suffers from low libido are generally rooted in the same causes, however there are some sex specific problems. As far as men are concerned, it is natural for them to experience a general decline in libido in their 50s or 60s. If a man is suffering from a low libido and is still young, common reasons as to why include low testosterone levels, depression and other hormonal related issues. Not getting enough sleep has even shown to effect testosterone production, so the cause of low testosterone can vary greatly from person to person.


Levels of prolactin and dopamine have also shown to affect levels of libido, where high levels of dopamine increase desire, and high levels of prolactin decrease it. This is the key to improving your libido, and there are some lifestyle changes you can make to influence these changes.

How Can You Improve Libido?

 Improve Your Diet

Like many other health issues we face, a low libido can be caused by a poor diet. Getting enough foods which are rich in aphrodisiacs, vitamin C, iron, and other essential nutrients will greatly improve your libido. Dark chocolate, watermelon, and sweet potatoes are all excellent foods which will both improve your libido, and other aspects of your health.

Watermelon is arguably the best option here as it is relatively cheap compared to the other foods, as it has nutrients such as lycopene and citrulline which affect vasodilation. These two nutrients are essential to the process of opening up blood vessels and improving blood flow which is effective in improving blood circulation. Watermelon may not be able to specifically target blood vessels in the penis like many natural male enhancers, it still can improve levels of libido.


The truth is that the average diet of someone who lives in the United States is deficient in multiple nutrients. Changing dietary habits is the first step to correct this, but taking a supplement can help expedite the process by providing additional nutrition.

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L-Arginine is the first type of supplement you should look for, as it plays an important role in the signal transduction. This ingredient instructs the body to open up blood vessels specifically, which greatly improves blood flow to the penis and genitals.

Maca root is the second thing you should look for as it is one which provides a host of nutrients that has shown to improve sex drive. Taking this supplement along with tribulus terrestris amplifies these libido boosting effects.

Other Habits That Influence Libido

The key to having a high sex drive is to keep the blood vessels healthy and working efficiently as possible. Diet and supplementation are going to make the biggest impacts here as we mentioned previously, however there are some additional steps you can take to improve your libido.

The right amount of exercise is key to maintaining a good sex drive in to old age as well. Exercising not enough encourages atrophy and lower levels or energy, while exercising too much can also have a negative impact. Regular exercise will help tremendously in improving the ability of the circulatory system, but don’t exhaust yourself.

Smoking is a habit that can negatively affect libido and cause other sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. Smoking is a habit you want to avoid altogether if possible, as we know that it negatively affects our health in many different ways. Male smokers on average have sex half as often as those that don’t due to lack of sex drive, so eliminate your smoking habit if you want to improve your sex life.

Effective Ways to Treat Low Sex Drive Naturally

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