Do’s and Don’ts When Taking Penis Enlargement Pills

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you might be doing something wrong when you take your male enhancement pills? You’re not alone. We estimate that around 65% of the entire customer base of male enhancement supplements take their supplements in a manner that is not recommended by the manufacturer. While different manufacturers have varying recommended intake for their brands, some guidelines remain the same for all male enhancement supplements.

In this article, we will discuss the different Do’s and Don’ts that will help you get the most out of your male enhancement pill. Progentra remains to be the top male enhancement pill in the market today and it is the standard by which other brands are measured. If you are taking Progentra, or any other supplement, this might be a great way to start your experience with your male enhancement pill.

DO: Read your recommended intake

Most supplement brands have their own recommended intake for their supplements. Some would have you take the pills three times a day, some would have you take one serving twice a day. Some brands would have you take your pills with a meal, and some, like Progentra, would have you take your pill before your first meal of the day. Usually these guidelines are simply to get the most out of the pill and to let your body react to it the way the pill is designed to.

Most supplements are entirely dependent on your intake and it is likely that these brands would lose their small window of opportunity to show their effectiveness if you miss your dose. Unlike these brands, Progentra is virtually effective however you take it. If you decide to take it as a daily supplement, you can take it before breakfast for best results, but taking it at any time during the day would work fine as well. You can even take Progentra an hour before having sex and it would still be effective.

DON’T: Mix your supplements with other brands

We advise against mixing your male enhancement supplements with other brands that are not associated with the product. This would likely cause a certain level of interaction that may yield side effects. While supplements are known to be taken in stacks, it makes it difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of male enhancement supplements if you take it with another brand. If you want to evaluate how good a supplement is, take it as a standalone product and see how good it works for you. Progentra is meant to be taken as a standalone product, without depending on other brands to boost its effectiveness.

DO: Take plenty of liquids

A huge part of supplementation that is somewhat neglected is the healthy intake of fluids. Whether it is a male enhancement supplement or a bodybuilding supplement, everything is coursed through your bloodstream, and a dehydrated body reduces the effectivity of the nutrients and minerals released by the supplements. Make sure your body is aptly hydrated by drinking plenty of water, or if you do intense training, make sure that you incorporate electrolyte intake in your supplement regimen.

DON’T: Take male enhancement supplement with erectile dysfunction medicine

One of the most dangerous things that you can do for your body when taking male enhancement supplements is by combining it with erectile dysfunction medicine. Some individuals have made this egregious error in pursuit of erectile dysfunction relief. Majority of male enhancement supplements have vasodilators, which virtually open up your blood vessels to allow more blood to pass through. Erectile dysfunction medicine, on the other hand, further open up your blood vessels to push more blood to the penis and aid in maintaining an erection. The combined effect may help you obtain an erection, but its effects on the body overall is dangerous, considering that dilated blood vessels can lead to a sharp drop in blood pressure. If your doctor prescribed an erectile dysfunction medicine to help you alleviate the symptoms, ask your doctor if you can take male enhancement supplements in place of the erectile dysfunction medicine.

Remember that male enhancement supplements are meant to support your sexual health to a point that you would no longer have to look to erectile dysfunction medicine for relief. As such, if you still experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction while taking a male enhancement supplement, then chances are, your supplement is not up to par with your expectations. Progentra uses a complex formula that not only makes it possible for you to make your penis larger; it also helps alleviate the common sexual health problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

DO: Observe your progress

You shouldn’t just take the brand’s word for it. Make sure that your supplement is working exactly the way the brand says it would. Many brands today overstate the effectiveness of their formula, which leads many to be disappointed and distrusting of the industry. Hold these companies accountable and be vigilant of how their products affect you. Stick with brands with guarantees to protect your purchase. Progentra has a 90-day money back guarantee, which gives you ample time to evaluate whether or not the brand meets your expectations. We back our claims with guarantees to help our customers make a better buying decision. We have the utmost confidence knowing that our brand is backed by the best formula in the business, and that we have the numbers and customers to prove it.

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Do’s and Don’ts When Taking Penis Enlargement Pills

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