Does Your Diet Have an Impact on Penis Size? Foods You Need to Be Eating

Our diet plays an enormous role in our health, as we know that the nutrients we get from our food is used by the body to do things like fight disease, repair damage, and grow new tissues. Our diet impacts so much that goes on within the body- so it would only make sense to think that our diet impacts our sexual health as well.

One of the biggest concerns many men have when it comes to sex is the size of their penis. Not many want to admit this, however there is a good reason as to why the male enhancement industry is so huge.

Many men are buying their products which have been shown to be effective in increasing penis size, many of these ingredients being made from natural sources like those found in our foods.

Penis enlargement can be a major issue however, as many men understandably want a bigger penis, but at less of a risk than that of surgery and other methods. If you really want a larger penis with minimal risk, the best way to do so is through the use of a supplement, and with the proper diet.

Foods That Can Help Increase Penis Size and Increase Performance

Bananas- Research has shown that men who have a healthy cardiovascular system have an easier time getting an erection, and also are able to get bigger erections that those that don’t. One very important micronutrient our bodies needs to maintain proper blood circulation is potassium.

Potassium helps to balance the calcium in our blood, which in turn helps to better control blood pressure. High levels of calcium in the blood due to high consumption of foods high in salt are a major cause of high blood pressure, heart disease and blood vessel damage, which foods high in potassium like bananas can help reverse.

Onions-Onions are another important food you need to be eating more of because of its importance in circulation. This is because onions help to thin out the blood due to its anti-clotting properties, which helps the blood flow better throughout the body.

Fresh bulbs of onion

Being able to properly facilitate blood flow to the penis during arousal is absolutely essential when trying to get an erection, and better blood flow is going to allow for bigger, longer lasting erections as well.

Salmon- Salmon is a food that you need to be eating regularly in order to maintain the best sexual health, including maximizing your penis size. Salmon is another food that is great for our circulation, as it provides healthy omega 3 fats. These fats helps to thin out our blood, increasing its flow.

In addition to that, it is has a decent amount of cholesterol as well. Many people are scared of cholesterol because of its link to cardiovascular problems, however the body needs cholesterol.

Cholesterol is used in the creation of steroid hormones within the body, such as testosterone.  Testosterone greatly influences a man’s sexual health, including sex drive, sexual stamina and penis size.

What Other Changes Should I Make?

No one wants to be eating the same bland things every day, and even so sometimes the foods we need to eat aren’t in season or just aren’t available to us. This is where supplementation comes in, and it can really make all the difference in getting a larger penis and having a better sex life in general.

You should look for a supplement that contains ingredients that are naturally derived from plants, as these types of supplements tend to be safer than other alternatives out there. You will see better results with a supplement than just a change in diet alone, as these supplements are more concentrated with these nutrient compounds.

Another thing to keep in mind here is that like anything else, not using your penis for awhile can cause it to lose more of its function over time. This means that you should be able to get regular erections whenever you want on demand.

Using your penis regularly keeps the blood vessels there healthy, which helps to maintain their elasticity over time. Elasticity is extremely important in regards to penis size, as the more it can stretch, the bigger your erections can be. Make sure to take the right supplements, eat the proper diet, and regularly have sex to best maintain your sexual health.

Does Your Diet Have an Impact on Penis Size? Foods You Need to Be Eating

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