Does Your Diet Affect Your Sperm Count? 5 Types of Foods You Should Be Avoiding

There are many things that can affect a man’s ability to get and maintain an erection, such as medications, other health conditions and stress to name a few. Well, you can add your diet as another thing that can impact your sperm count, according to some recent studies.

Fertility of men, especially in the west have dramatically decreased in recent years, as you may have heard of recently in the news. More and more signs are pointing towards our diets as the main culprit behind this decrease as of late, so there are some foods you definitely are going to want to avoid if you are looking to have children at some point in your life.

The effects on your sperm count through diet can have long lasting effects, which is something to consider if you are a young guy who isn’t looking to do so anytime soon.

Some of these same foods are linked to other negative health impacts such as the potential for type 2 diabetes, which can negatively impact your sexual health as well in your ability to get and maintain erections. Now that we have gotten all of the shock out of the way, here are the foods which you want to avoid altogether to increase your swimmers.

1 – Soda and Other Drinks with High Amounts of Added Sugar

If you haven’t already eliminated soda and sugary drinks from your diet already because of their negative impact on your health, here is another reason why you should.

Studies have shown that too much sugar can lead to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, which can lower sperm counts. This is believed to be caused by the oxidative stressed caused by all of the additional sugar absorbed in to the system.

If you are someone who has a sweet tooth and can’t get through the day without having something sweet, try sticking to fruits as a better alternative. Fruits still have plenty of sugar which will satisfy those cravings, but come along with plenty of fiber as well. This fiber is what will prevent those spikes in blood sugar levels which reduces your chances of getting diabetes and improve your sperm count.

2 – Canned Foods and Other BPA Sources

Bisphenol-A, otherwise known as BPA is a chemical compound that is commonly used to line the inside of canned goods to increase the shelf life of these products. The problem with BPA is that it closely mimics estrogen which has shown to cause damage to sperm cells.

On top of that if you are a guy you don’t want to be eating foods that contain chemicals that mimic female hormones period, so stay away from most canned goods.

If you can’t completely shy away from canned goods because of limited accessibility to fresh foods, look for cans that are marked BPA free. Many companies are transitioning away from BPA lined cans so look for ones that have such as Amy’s and Muir Glen.

3 – Processed Meats

Most of us know processed meats aren’t good for our health, but they just taste so good it is hard to give them up. These are some of the most common foods out there to eat as well, ones that have been engrained in to certain cultures making it that much more difficult to give up.

Knowing that a recent study conducted by Harvard might make that choice a lot easier for you however, in learning that men who regularly eat processed meats have on average about 25% less than those that don’t.

Many people would first like to point at the high amounts of saturated fat being responsible here, but research is showing that the process itself is more so responsible. They believe it may again have something to do with hormones, in that many of the animals farmed in the United States are pumped up with hormones themselves.

The bright side here is that you don’t have to give up meat altogether. Stick to grass fed organic varieties of beef when possible, as they are not given hormones and produce omega 3 fatty acids. Fatty fish like salmon are another great option here, as they are loaded with healthy omega 3 fatty acids as well, which are shown to improve sperm count.

4 – Foods Loaded with Pesticides

There seems to be a common theme here when it comes to foods we should avoid to improve our sperm count. Most of these bad foods seem to have some sort of impact over our hormones, and how these hormones control the growth and development of said sperm.

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise then to learn that we should be avoiding foods which are heavily treated with pesticides in general. Buying organic, locally grown food all the time is not only expensive but is impossible for many people to do.

You may not be able to buy everything organic, however there are some foods you should be buying more so than others. Your diet should be consisting mainly of vegetables and fruits, so look there first.

Avoid buying conventional berries, peppers, spinach and other foods with thin skins or membranes when possible. These types of foods are going to be more prone to these types of chemicals. Bananas, Pineapple, watermelon and other fruits with a thicker layer of protection are generally considered safer to eat.

5 – Full Fat Dairy Products

The position on whether or not full fat milk products are good for our health or not always seems to be swaying from one side to another. When it comes to reduced sperm count the evidence is pretty clear however, in that consuming more of these full fat milk products will do so.

This happens because the fat in the milk is especially attractive to all of those nasty pesticides and other harmful ingredients used on the cow.  This means that in theory drinking milk with less fat would improve sperm counts, and it does.

If you are someone that just has to have their milk either with their coffee, tea, cereal or whatever it may be; remember to choose a low fat option. Not only will it not reduce your sperm counts but it can help to improve them. Milk contains a growth hormone which influences sperm production by increasing testosterone levels, so don’t give up on dairy altogether.

Does Your Diet Affect Your Sperm Count? 5 Types of Foods You Should Be Avoiding

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