Damiana extract, scientifically known as turnera diffusa or turnera aphrodisiaca and informally as old woman’s broom, yerba de la pastora, bourrique, and organella, is a long-lasting natural aphrodisiac that hails from Mexico and the American South. Damiana extract is responsible for a variety of sexual health benefits including penis enhancement, stamina, stress reduction, and increased energy. Its genus name, turnera, is derived from William Turner, an English naturalist who documented the benefits of this three to six feet high plant.

Many complex compounds are contained within Damiana extract such as damianin, arbutin, tannin, resins, flavonoids, gonzalitosin, cyanogenic glycosides, and essential oils including cymol, cineol, and pinene. These compounds may provide antioxidant effects and cell signal pathways that enhance sexual health.

Increased Libido

Widely held as the pinnacle of aphrodisiacs, Damiana extract acts as a sex stimulant, boosting sexual drive and overall sexual pleasure. Unlike many other products, this extract directly affects libido. With few side effects, Damiana extract can increase the sensitivity of physical contact for both men and women, leading to gains in satisfaction, longer sexual encounters, and increased stress reduction. Another effect that may be seen is lower estrogen, which will support higher libido as testosterone increases. Damiana extract is also known to decrease the symptoms of depression. As these symptoms of extreme sadness and apathy fade, sexual desire, motivation, and satisfaction should return.

Satisfying Erections

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Benefits related to penis enhancement are tied to the central nervous system as it controls the penis’s functioning and triggers erections. Damiana extract, especially when combined with other herbs such as Gingko and Ginseng, increases the ability of the spongy tissue within the penis, called the corpus cavernosum, to hold blood, therefore increasing the frequency, size, and maintainability of erections. As anxiety can be a factor in poor erections, Damiana extract may reduce anxiety neurosis related to sexual performance. With less anxiety, penile muscle restriction may be reduced and sexual encounters could be more enjoyable.

Refractory Period

On a related note, Damiana extract’s stress reduction properties may shorten the refractory period. Though a natural stage in a man’s sexual health, the refractory period eliminates a man’s ability to become aroused, erect, and achieve orgasm, directly after having just orgasmed. Many times, this refractory period, which can last between 15 minutes and a few days, can frustrate the man and his partner. The inability to continue sexual relations after orgasm may be linked to deficiency of the man’s sexual prowess, but this is not true. A refractory period is unavoidable, not linked to a man’s desire, and can be shortened through decreased stress, which is a proven result of taking Damiana extract. To aid relaxation, Damiana, a compound that occurs naturally in Damiana extract, has shown calming effects on the central nervous system. After orgasm, talking, laughing, or sleeping is recommended to give the refractory period time to subside.

As most biological instincts, the refractory period exists as a form of protection. Sexual encounters, however satisfying, cause stress on the body. If a shortened refractory period results, take care to limit chained sexual encounters as they can lead to exhaustion or an outcome even more detrimental.

Weight Loss

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Damiana extract aids in weight loss due to its ability to maintain satiety after smaller meals. A healthier body weight promotes higher confidence and sexual performance, but it may also prevent sexual dysfunction issues such as erectile dysfunction. Men need not be obese to have reduced erections. Just 30 pounds of extra weight can drastically affect erections. It has been shown that Damiana extract can extend gastric emptying, leading to a feeling of fullness for longer periods of time, after eating smaller portions.

Not to be content with just maintaining a full stomach, Damiana extract may double as a mild laxative and weight loss may occur due to loosened stools and cleansing of the system. When combined with guarana and yerba mate, it was shown that weight loss increased.


Medical conditions, such as Diabetes, do not interact well with Damiana extract, as this herb can block the effects of medication that regulates blood sugar levels.

In addition, avoidance of very high dosages is recommended due to the cyanogenetic glycosides contained within Damiana extract. When dosages are too high this may lead to cyanide toxicity.

Before consuming any new supplement, consult with your physician. He/she may be able to provide recommended dosages and frequencies that will optimize your supplement regime and overall sexual health. For enhanced sexual drive backed by a well-researched aphrodisiac, Damiana extract aims to please.


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